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This new adaptation of a classic Shakespeare play is already generating Oscars buzz

William Shakespeare's famously bloody play about power-hungry Scottish general Macbeth has been adapted multiple times for the silver screen – but never like this. Out today, The Tragedy Of Macbeth is a sleek, noirish drama written and directed by Joel Coen, the first time he's helmed a film without his brother Ethan (together, they directed the Academy Award-winning Fargo and No Country For Old Men). Oscar-winning heavyweights Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star as Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth, a once-decent couple corrupted by their ruthless desire to dominate Scottish politics. Unsurprisingly, the film is expected to be nominated for multiple awards at this year's Oscars.

"Filmed in black and white, Coen's take on Macbeth blends the mediums of theatre and cinema," says Stylist Loves writer Kiran Meeda. "The barren sets force us to focus on the characters, who speak entirely in Shakespeare's original dialect. Washington's performance as the reprehensible yet relatable Macbeth is so well-executed; we see him as a man with a conscience who falls into dire circumstances. McDormand delivers an equally compelling performance as the tunnel-vision brains behind Macbeth's rise to power, while on her own path to delusion. It's an opportunity to see two masters of their craft at work." Watch in cinemas and on Apple TV now

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3 vegan twists on classic Italian recipes, from cacio e pepe to aubergine parmigiana
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Discover an underrated abstract female artist at this new exhibition

We're all familiar with stories of brilliant female artists whose talents went entirely unappreciated during their lifetimes. That wasn't quite the case for Bice Lazzari: born in Venice in 1900, the pioneering painter found a reasonable amount of success as an abstract artist in Italy before her death in 1981. But while she's now recognised as one of her home country's most important modern artists, she's still relatively unknown in the UK. The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art hopes to rectify this with its new exhibition, Bice Lazzari: Modernist Pioneer, which showcases 40 of Lazzari's most influential paintings (until 24 April; £7.50; 39A Canonbury Square, London, N1).

Drawn to Lazzari's minimalist abstractions? Bring her modernist aesthetic into your home with this textured poster (£24.95, Desenio), which nods to her oil painting Blue Architecture. Independent design studios Aff and Jam and Print Punk Studio both make abstract prints that echo the muted colours and minimalist lines that defined Lazzari's later work (from £20.80). Contemporary British digital artist Adrian Bradbury, meanwhile, uses rich, rusty colours in his framed print Red Sky (£140, King and McGaw) – not unlike those Lazzari was drawn to in the 1950s. Your walls will thank you.  

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Image credits: Getty; AppleTV+; © David Bez; Senza titolo, 1966, Tempera and pencil on canvas, 25 x 25 cm, Private collection, Rome, Desenio, Aff and Jam, Bianco e nero, 1954, Oil on canvas, 50 x 35 cm, Private collection, Rome; Faace; Courtesy of brands
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