BREAKING: 68 more deaths, hospitalizations surpass 3,000

karl, here are the daily COVID-19 statistics for Quebec
This is CJAD 800 breaking news
Hospitalizations surpass 3,000

karl, here are the latest Quebec COVID-19 numbers for January 14, 2022:
  • 108,768 total vaccinations yesterday (total:16,195,112)
  • 4,006 first doses yesterday (total:7,312,610)
  • 2,891 second doses yesterday (total:6,694,161)
  • 101,391 third doses yesterday (total:2,384,994)
  • 90% 5+ received first dose
  • 82% 5+ received second dose
  • 29% 5+ received third dose
  • 783,102 PCR-confirmed cases (+7,382)
    • 7 day average: 10,106
  • 12,193 deaths (+68)
  • 3,085 hospitalizations (+91)
  • 275 ICU (+3)
  • 43,707 tests on Wednesday
    • Testing positivity rate: 15.9%
  • 81,061 active cases
  • 1,494 active outbreaks
  • 689,848 recovered (+19,492)
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