Day 7: Now you’re ready for a month of sobriety

Let's put this week's work into action.
Alcohol Reset Challenge

DAY 7 OF 7

Here we go!

You've done a lot of hard work over the past week, so don't be surprised when all that effort pays off.

Remember, you can't fail this challenge. You'll end the experience with more knowledge about yourself, your boundaries, and your needs — and that's always a win.

This challenge is for you, and you alone. You don't need to prove anything to anyone, even yourself.

Your goal during the next month is simply to learn more about your relationship with alcohol and the role drinking has in your life. To do that, you don't need much more than some curiosity and willingness to grow. If you've got that in your pocket, then you're all set.

As you take the first steps toward a month without alcohol, keep these last few tips in mind:

  • Remember your "no." Knowing how you'll turn down an offered drink ahead of time can make refusing easier in the moment. "No, thanks" or "I'm good" make great options.
  • Draw support from loved ones who respect your choice. Some people in your life may push back at your boundaries around alcohol. Why not spend your time with people who encourage and support you instead?
  • Find a few hobbies to enjoy. If you find yourself with an unexpected wealth of free time and energy, why not try something you've never had time for before? Cooking, painting, rock climbing, or even that list of DIY projects you've been meaning to tackle — that interest could very well become your new passion.

And on that note, you're ready for the challenge! But don't worry, we won't send you out completely on your own. We'll be back each week to check in and offer support. See you then.

Until next week,
The Healthline Team

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