đŸ˜«Employees are burning out. Try these 4 strategies to help them

As people turned to rapid tests (if they could find them) over the holidays, worriedly swabbing their noses at the first sign of a sore throat, reports began popping up on social media that the nose might not be the best place to find an omicron variant infection at its earliest stages. Perhaps sticking the swab down your throat leads to a positive result at a time when swabbing your nose would come back negative for a few more days. And indeed, in England, for instance, the throat swab is a standard part of the rapid testing process. Now people are asking: should people using the tests available in the U.S. swab their throat, even though the instructions don’t recommend it? Read the full story here.
—Morgan Clendaniel
What you need to know about throat swabbing for COVID-19 rapid tests

The U.K. has been swabbing throats—in addition to noses—since the beginning of the pandemic. Should the U.S. be doing the same? Depends who you ask.

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American Giant doubled down on local manufacturing during the pandemic. It paid off.

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Leaders, your employees are burning out. Try these 4 strategies to help them

Last year, employee engagement dipped for the first time in a decade, according to Gallup.

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Gamers are hoping that video game publishers finally deliver some of the big titles that were expected in 2021.

Stuck in quarantine? This quirky app can help you stay creative

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This is the right way to post about your job change on social media

If you’re posting about leaving your job (and/or getting a new one), here’s how to get the tone right.

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Sure, CES gadgets are cool, but they’re all still made of plastic

All those folding phones, electric cars, and rollable TVs have one thing in common: plastic that’s made from oil.

The little-known reason why competing with Google is so hard

A new search engine needs an index of the web. And many sites don’t welcome any web crawler that isn’t Google or Bing.

The video game industry stole the spotlight at CES 2022

This year’s consumer tech conference saw some big announcements from Sony, Alienware and Arcade1 Up—with a little help from Tom Holland.

Employee engagement dipped for the first time in a decade:
American workers were less engaged in 2021, according to a new Gallup study. This is the first time the statistic has dipped in a decade, in the midst of the Great Resignation and the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Healthcare workers in particular felt disconnected from their work, feeling unsupported, unheard, and unprepared.
Gallup researchers offered up some strategies that leaders can implement to help employees feel excited and involved in the workplace. They suggest clearer communication, making sure employees have the tools they need, and addressing manager burnout. 
Gallup’s study found that organizations that maintained a focus on these basic considerations had increased employee engagement in the past year.
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