J.K. Simmons on Why 'Relax' Is the 'Magic Word' in Audition Rooms

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January 03, 2022

J.K. Simmons on Why 'Relax' Is the 'Magic Word' in Audition Rooms

J.K. Simmons recalled his early days as an actor, when going on auditions was a stressful endeavor that caused him to misrepresent himself.

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Riz Ahmed Explains 'The Foundational Idea Behind Acting'

In a 2017 'Actors on Actors' conversation with Elisabeth Moss, Riz Ahmed discussed what it means to be an actor.

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Octavia Spencer on Avoiding Typecasting After 'The Help' and Working With Newer Directors

In a 2016 'Actors on Actors' conversation with Dev Patel, Octavia Spencer discussed being offered maid roles after appearing in 'The Help.'

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Ben Affleck Says Directing Made Him a Better Actor

Becoming a director has changed Ben Affleck as an actor.

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An Emotional Benedict Cumberbatch Recalls the Moment His Actor Father Gave Him the Push He Needed to Follow His Passion

Benedict Cumberbatch shares the touching compliment his father gave with him while he was a struggling actor.

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