📝 A New Year’s Resolution For Bosses: Abandon These 6 Expressions

Today the calendar is blissfully open to the promise of a new year. No doubt most of you are thinking about filling it with goals and resolutions. Before you fill a page with promises, you should ask yourself this question as well as ponder the reasons you may not have made good on last year’s. Contrarians will tell you not to bother while historians have chronicled the resolution’s 4,000-year-old history and point out that they’ve become big business. Still, we’re all for setting smart goals, so consider this simple one, especially if you’re a boss or planning to quit your job. No matter what you resolve to accomplish, psychologists (and Ben Franklin) offer a way to help you stick to it.
Lydia Dishman
career evolution
This Is The One Question You Should Ask Before Setting A New Year’s Goal

Udemy’s Cara Brennan Allemano says even when you know it’s time for a change, it can be hard to know exactly where to start and what to do, so here’s how to get clarity.

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A New Year’s Resolution For Bosses: Abandon These 6 Expressions

These phrases can undermine and de-motivate your employees.

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This Is Why You’ve Never Stuck With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you not keep up with last year’s resolutions? You might be making one of the most common mistakes below.

Before You Join The Great Resignation, Consider Making These Resolutions

Sometimes feeling unsatisfied at work means it’s time for a new job. But sometimes it just means you need to make some smaller changes.

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A New Year’s Resolution For Entrepreneurs: Revisit Jim Collins

The revered author has updated “Beyond Entrepreneurship” (a Reed Hastings favorite) and he has a lot to say about the current state of Silicon Valley

how to be a success
The Unconventional Approach To New Year’s Resolutions That Makes Them Stick

With this approach, perhaps you can sidestep the inevitable challenges that come with traditional New Year’s resolutions and achieve lasting, positive changes.

productivity secrets
Why Making New Year’s Resolutions Is A Bad Way To Start The Year

Chances are your life doesn’t need a major overhaul. Tiny changes to make you slightly new and improved are probably best.

productivity secrets
The 4,000-Year-Old History Of New Year’s Resolutions And How They Became Big Business

You may have ancient Babylonians to thank for why you pledge to improve yourself every January 1

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See The Unexpectedly Sophisticated Chairs Of ‘Star Trek,’ From Eames To Perriand To Saarinen

To boldly sit where no one has sat before.

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