The Scars of Jan. 6

What the Capitol Police went through.

It is widely known that dozens of officers from the Capitol Police were injured during the Jan. 6 attack. Less understood is how long-lasting the damage — physical and psychological — has been, Susan Dominus and Luke Broadwater report in our cover story this week.

It was not unusual, the first week back at the Capitol after Jan. 6, for officers of the Capitol Police walking by a bathroom or one of the many small, hidden rooms in their building to overhear the sound of weeping. Among officers still on the force and those who left, many significant injuries and psychological disorders remain, including serious traumatic brain injuries and neurological impairment, orthopedic injuries requiring surgery, PTSD and heightened anxiety.

A violent clash against a mob of angry rioters was not the battle that the U.S. Capitol Police force was prepared or equipped to win. For many of the officers, their bodies, minds and lives will never be the same.


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