🏜️They’re building a 15-minute city from scratch in the Utah desert

The first large “15-minute city” to be built from scratch in the U.S. will be in Utah, on a 600-acre site south of Salt Lake City. The concept is to design a city where it’s possible to walk or bike to work and take care of errands without having to get in a car. Inside the mixed-use neighborhood, linear parks will lead between hubs with offices, housing, and shops, and it would be possible to walk from your front door to trails in the nearby mountains. It’s a great example of how other sprawling, car-centric suburbs could transform. Read my full story here.
—Adele Peters, @adele_peters
world changing ideas
They’re building a 15-minute city from scratch in the Utah desert

“One of our goals is to create what we’ve termed a one-car community.”

mindfulness at work
Resolving these 4 inner conflicts can help you move forward

Feeling stuck? Pondering these topics can help you get out of a rut, says author Ralph Kilmann.

workplace evolution
The future of work is asynchronous

A veteran Googler who founded messaging app Rock maintains that operating asynchronously lets work get done on time. People are less stressed and it allows for a wider talent pool, too.

‘Don’t Look Up’ and ‘Search Party’ offer competing visions of end-times satire

HBO Max’s ‘Search Party’ succeeds where ‘Don’t Look Up’ does not—by implicating the viewer in a more respectful, if equally scathing, way. [Spoilers ahead!]

the metaverse
This is how the metaverse can become a breeding ground for terrorists

Three professors argue that violent extremists can plot from their living rooms, basements, or backyards—all while building social connections and trust in their peers, and all while appearing to others in the digital avatar form of their choosing.

Omicron is driving a wave of restaurant cancellations, but it’s not as stark as it was in 2020

Restaurant reservation trends reflect a fresh hesitance among would-be diners who were just getting used to eating indoors again.

how to advertise
Kanye West’s latest ‘Donda’ video doubles as a Yeezy Gap hoodie commercial

The video for “Heaven and Hell” is also an ad for the latest Yeezy Gap hoodie, launched on ESPN during the college football title game.

career evolution
The joy, humility—and beauty—of a lifetime of new beginnings

From acting, to working backstage Broadway, teaching, and even dabbling in beauty school, this author has embraced her life of new starts and never-ending learning.

the new capitalism
This is every Starbucks that is holding a union vote (so far)

After three stores in Buffalo held elections, the process has snowballed, with more than a dozen more stores across the country filing to hold elections.

Technology has made buildings far less efficient; it’s time to find solutions from the ancient past

Advances in artificial cooling, heating, and computer-aided design have introduced wasteful building styles that are less environmentally friendly.

Video: brand hit & miss of the week
Hip-Hop Legend Big Boi welcomes Black homeowners with Realtor.com
Realtor.com recruits hip-hop legend Big Boi to celebrate Black homeowners, and the Golden Globes put on a ghost of an awards show.
7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Set New Year's Goals for 2022
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