🙌 Want a promotion? These 4 habits are more powerful than talent

Success can be habit-forming. But it’s undeniable that good habits often lead to successful outcomes. So this week, we’ve rounded up a bevy of posts with practical advice particularly applicable for pandemic times. In line for a promotion this year? Read up on the habits that are more powerful than talent. Need a mood boost? Learn about habits of especially happy people. Ditto for curating and cultivating stick-to-itiveness. And because we’re journalists and want to present all sides of a story, here are contrarian takes on dropping the “new year new you” BS, abandoning resolutions, and dare we say it, giving up on goals.
Lydia Dishman
good habits
3 habits of especially happy people

If you’re looking to improve your outlook, take a lesson from these individuals.

good habits
Want a promotion? These 4 habits are more powerful than talent

Talent can only take you so far. The reason some people are high performers is because they’ve formed good habits.

pandemic habits
3 pandemic habits to drop in 2022

It’s not too late to make a few more New Year’s resolutions.

Cutting back on alcohol? These no- and low-alcohol spirits will keep things interesting

I tried a bevy of nonalcoholic and low-alcohol drinks, from apertifs and bourbons to mushroom-infused tonics. These were my favorites.

mental health
Why it’s time to drop the ‘new year, new you’ BS—and learn to accept yourself

Making New Year’s resolutions can actually be bad for your mental health, says this psychiatrist. Instead, use 2022 to practice ‘radical acceptance.’

new year's resolution
Why (and how) your resolutions should look different this year

More Americans plan to make resolutions in 2021, but that doesn’t mean they should look the same as last year’s.

how to pursue your goals
When is it appropriate to give up on a goal?

We all have limits, and it’s important to be honest about them in the pursuit of our goals.

ambitious resolutions
Why abandoning an ambitious resolution this year is completely alright

You’re not alone if you’ve forfeited a few lofty promises, considering the whiplash pace of our world.

the anti-resolution list
Why you should make an anti-resolution list (and what to put on it)

Turns out this is actually the worst time of the year to set new goals. Here’s how to reframe your grand aspirations into something more attainable.

new year's resolution
I was able to keep all my resolutions last year. Here’s how I did it

According to one study, only 16% of people reported keeping their resolutions from the previous year. Here’s how to avoid joining the percentage.

Social MEDIA Poll
Given the state of the world, how are you feeling about resolutions at the start of this new year?
We conducted an informal poll on Twitter and LinkedIn about new year's resolutions. Turns out, most people do not make resolutions. It doesn't mean that they forgo annual goals altogether. Instead, they tackle them differently. Visit LinkedIn and Twitter to see how others answered the question, and let us know what you think.
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