⭐ 3 things to say no to if you want to succeed

Many of us have a hard time feeling hopeful these days as the crises continue to pile up in the news. Looking on the bright side may seem misguided in dark times, but optimism is a powerful tool—especially for work—as its cousin, happiness, is somewhat of a predictor of professional success. So if you want to walk more on the sunny side, science explains how to get there. Apparently, it’s simple. You can start by giving yourself a bit more time, focusing on five things, and tapping your technology (within reason). This is just a taste of our takes on happiness. Consider subscribing to get the latest reports.
—Lydia Dishman, @LydiaBreakfast
mindfulness at work
The power of optimism in the workplace

Optimism is contagious. So is negativity. This tech CEO says company success is tied to finding and cultivating positive energy employees for your teams.

the pursuit of happiness 
Want to be happier? Science says buying a little time leads to significantly greater life satisfaction

Buying things won’t make you happier. But research shows that buying time can, as long as you do it the right way.

the pursuit of happiness
3 ways to use tech to find happiness

Behavioral scientist Mike Rucker details the problems and solutions around popular technology so you can maximize your happiness.

3 things to say no to if you want to succeed

The author of Creative Doing reminds everyone to let the other people chase the quick wins and glittering lures. Focus on your craft and your life’s task instead.

today's quiz
What's so bad about being too positive as a leader?

Scroll down for the answer.

optimism during crises
Why optimism may not be enough to carry us through times of crisis

If leaders’ optimism and confidence matter more during a crisis than their actual talent and competence, shouldn’t we encourage leaders to fake positivity?

mindfulness at work
6 ways to be happy this year, according to science

Here are a few less-discussed strategies to fill yourself with contentment.

productivity secrets
Why you shouldn’t always look on the bright side

Your relentlessly positive outlook could be hurting your team.

the science of happiness
Here is the simple secret to the most enduring form of happiness

In this excerpt of her new book Beyond Happiness, Jenn Lim lays the groundwork for an evolving perspective on happiness and how authentic leaders can tap purpose to chart a path forward.

how to be a success
Which comes first: happiness or success?

Researchers attempted to answer this profound question by following nearly a million employees over five years.

the search for meaning
Don’t try to be happy. Focus on these 5 things instead

A professor of psychology shares key insights from his new book “The Sweet Spot: The Pleasures of Suffering and the Search for Meaning.”

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today's quiz: Answer
What's so bad about being too positive as a leader?
Toxic positivity is a big deal mostly because of the impact it has on your team. Your unrealistic optimism may be creating barriers to their success. Read this article to learn how to prevent slipping into toxic positivity while still maintaining your optimistic outlook. 
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