Accelerating Starup Innovation with Simulation - May 5 @8am PT


Join Altair, Oracle for Startups, and Urwahn Bikes (a startup from Germany) on May 5 at 11a.m. EDT for our panel discussion: Accelerating Startup Innovation with Simulation, HPC, and AI.

The top three concerns that often plague startups are cost constraints, lack of resource expertise, and access to enabling technology such as scalable HPC resources or simulation tools. And if you've founded a startup that invents, develops, and builds new physical products, there are likely even more challenges to consider.

But these complexities don't have to keep you up at night. Smarter, simpler, and scalable simulation, HPC, and AI solutions can unlock your potential and transform your startup. Join us as we share practical hands-on experiences that will help you overcome your technology, business, and product development challenges and to learn:

  • How other startups have successfully implemented simulation, HPC, and AI to accelerate product development;
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls when implementing complex CAE tools and processes, straight from the companies on the front lines using these technologies;
  • And to understand how collaboration from all industries and the experience of global tech leaders can benefit startups.

We'll share best practices and demonstrate how large organizations have achieved success through their collaboration with Altair, and how their experiences and advice translate to your startup's growth.

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