Happy 'Chocolate Rain' Day

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April 22: ‘Chocolate Rain, Some Stay Dry And Others Open This Newsletter’

As you may have surmised from the headline, today’s “This Day In Meme History” newsletter celebrates an all-time classic viral video with “Chocolate Rain.” Tay Zonday’s ascent to internet superstardom shares an anniversary with several other classic memes, including Birdman’s iconic “Put Some Respeck On My Name” and one of the internet’s most frustrating optical illusions, “Name One Thing In This Photo.” Let’s dive into it!

You Now Have “Chocolate Rain” Stuck In Your Head

A truly foundational text for memes, “Chocolate Rain” premiered on this day in 2007. The video showed then-grad student Tay Zonday singing his original song in his smooth bass voice. What sent the video over the top was Zonday’s annotations explaining how he was moving his head to make sure the microphone didn’t catch his breath. The video was a gargantuan viral smash in the halcyon days of the late 2000s, as it was one of the first group of internet videos to go mainstream. Zonday went on to appear in Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” music video, as well as on “Tosh.0.” Today, Zonday seems to have little interest in discussing “Chocolate Rain,” but he will always wear the crown as one of the godfathers of modern memes. Read more.

Put Some Respeck On This Meme

It feels like the phrase “Put Some Respeck On My Name” has been around for time immemorial, but it’s actually only 6 years old. On this day in 2016, rapper Birdman said the phrase during an angry rant in an interview with the NYC radio show “The Breakfast Club.” The audio went viral, as parody songs and animations soon followed his legendary rant. The quote even reached the heights of a TNT basketball broadcast, as commentator Mark Jackson dropped the quote while commenting on a Warriors-Rockets game. It’s unclear if Birdman ever got the respeck he deserves, but his legendary quote sure has. Read more.

You Can’t Name One Thing In This Photo

The internet loves a good viral optical illusion, but usually, they like when such an illusion has a solution. That is not the case with “Name One Thing In This Photo,” the going name for an image that featured many nearly recognizable objects, all of which were warped to be unidentifiable. One Redditor was able to identify that the image was crafted as a way to portray what it looks like when having a stroke. “Everything looks hauntingly familiar, but you just can't quite recognize anything." To this day, the image appears in jokes about messy rooms or bizarre scenarios, always frustrating those who come across it by being so dang inscrutable. Read more.
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NSFW Bowling Animations

NSFW Bowling Animations refers to a series of NSFW and offensive animations that parody stereotypical animations that play at bowling alleys when a player gets a spare or a strike. In April 2022, one particular animation in which a bowling ball ejaculates inside a bowling pin with a strong enough force to send it flying into other pins and knock them down achieved notoriety on social media, with users making memes and jokes referencing it.

Snickers Dick Vein

Snickers Dick Vein refers to the chocolate ripples on top of Snickers candy bars that some online think makes it look like a penis with veins. The pop culture reference became known in memes on Twitter as early as 2009. In 2022, a fake news story surfaced that Snickers was removing the dick vein. While many presumed the headline was obviously satirical, some unknowing news outlets thought to debunk it regardless, resulting in the theory going viral online.

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