How Much Should You Be Asked to Donate for a Colleague’s Gift?

I am a bit appalled.

I am a doctor. My colleague's spouse was recently diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. I privately communicated my support and offered to help, even though they're very self-sufficient and have lots of resources, both financially and emotionally.

A nurse in my department is putting together a gift basket for the wife and also collecting donations for the couple to rent a weekend cabin. The nurse says, "Most people are donating between $50-$100." I can easily afford to give $100, but I know that this couple don't need the money, and I am a bit appalled that nurses, tech and other hospital staff (who aren't as well paid as I am) would be asked to donate money to a couple who are comfortable financially and have no barriers to renting a vacation cabin.

Do I participate in a gift that I feel is well intentioned but misguided?

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