New retrofit methodology, and passive design: Spring SABMag In Brief

The Spring, 2022 issue of SABMag recently mailed. See the highlights below.
Clayton Community Centre: Open design process meets high performance and needs of users
By Melissa Higgs, Architect AIBC, FRAIC is a principal at hcma

The 7,000 m2 (76,000sf) Centre combines four aspects of the City of Surrey's community services - recreation, library, arts and parks. Community engagement played a crucial role in the design development and, from the start, the project was aiming for ultra-low energy performance and ultimately Passive House certification. The envelope, along with many other details, required greater precision in construction than for a more conventional building. The team, led by EllisDon, built a full-scale façade mockup to optimize and confirm the construction sequencing required to hit the necessary targets. The result is a reduction in energy consumption of 98% compared to the average performance of similar buildings in BC, and reduced carbon emissions by 98% compared to the same building built to ASHRAE standards. Photo: Andrew Doran.
ACO Systems Intelligent water drainage system solutions
Molok Deep Collection System Semi- underground waste containment system.
Roth North America Water cisterns, rainwater harvesting tanks, septic tanks, and more.
Wishbone Site Furnishings Municipal grade outdoor furniture using recycled plastics and metals.
Nats Nursery Ltd. Green Roof and Living Wall Plants, including native grasses and perennials as well as site specific custom grows. Licensed growers of the LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System™.
Using only natural materials, Arriscraft manufactures superior stone that delivers the aesthetic and performance qualities of quarried stone. 
Architek SBP Inc.  Green roofs, living walls, green facades and site water conservation and mitigation.
CBC Metals and Processing Canadian distributor for VM Zinc and metal claddings.
CAYAKI Charred Wood/ CFP Woods Interior and exterior charred siding sourced from Canadian cedar. 
A trusted source for building envelope knowledge and materials.

Fraser Wood Siding Manufacturer of premium quality prefinished wood siding and shingles from Canadian softwood.
Wood100® DLT from International Timberframes Manufacturer of Wood100® Dowel Laminated Timber, a 100% wood, no glue product.
Viewpoint: Dowel Laminated Timber: A step towards circularity in construction
By: Sigi Leibmann of International Timberframes

Dowel laminated timber (DLT) is a no-glue product that is 100% recyclable, reusable and does not produce contaminated waste. To produce DLT, layers of dimension lumber are assembled face to face. A hole is drilled through the entire assembly and a wooden dowel is inserted to hold it all together, with no glue or nails. In addition to stacked DLT panels there can be crossed DLT panels, a more environmentally responsible product than glue-bonded, cross laminated timber (CLT). DLT stores carbon in the walls and floors of a building; but has the added benefits that it is 100% VOC-free, recyclable, reusable and ultimately compostable. As such, DLT brings the concept of circularity from the macro scale of forest management to the micro scale of product manufacturing for the first time. Photo: International Timberframes. Read more … 
LEED Canada 2021 Buildings-in-Review
The annual supplement produced with the CAGBC as a record of the LEED buildings certified in 2021. Selected profiles of LEED-certified buildings include:
Local 144 training center for pipe fitters and pipe welders in Quebec. LEED Platinum
The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation, Humber College. LEED Platinum
145 Wellington Street West. HR REIT. LEED Platinum
Mississauga Executive Centre. Colliers. LEED Platinum, LEED Gold
Kings Daughters and Sons Village. CSV Architects. LEED Platinum
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Office. CSV Architects.
8 Huron Drive 4plex. Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. LEED Gold
Stantec Tower. Canderel Management (West) Inc. LEED Gold
Sterling Corporate Centre. Canderel Management Inc. LEED Gold
The Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility. Aecom. LEED Silver.
Read more and
Parcours Gouin Welcome Pavilion: passive-active design brings urban beautification
By Maryse Laberge, Senior Principal at Beirtz Bastien Beaudoin Laforest (Groupe Provencher Roy).

Designed both as a visitor centre and as a showcase for environmental education, the pavilion integrates site preservation, potable water conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, local materials, and health and wellbeing. The Net-Zero project is certified LEED Gold which was achieved through a high-performance building envelope, high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems, and an array of 120 photovoltaic modules capable of generating 31.8 kilowatts of renewable energy. The envelope assembly minimizes thermal bridging with continuous exterior insulation. Natural light floods the interiors through timber curtain walls by Unicel Architectural. Photo: David Boyer. Read more …
Building the future of nuclear through responsible waste disposal. Sponsored by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Plans have been laid for the construction of a highly engineered radioactive waste disposal facility in Chalk River, Ontario. The proposed facility will include the construction of a highly engineered containment mound, site infrastructure and waste water treatment facilities. The project is estimated to cost C$365 million. A skilled workforce of 225 to 300 people will be needed to build it from the ground up. If CNL's proposal is approved by Canada's nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, construction of the NSDF is anticipated to start in the fall of 2022. Read more …
The ReCover Initiative: Deep retrofit methodology cuts operating energy, reduces GHG emissions and upgrades ageing buildings
By Emma Norton, QUEST Canada; Nick Rudnicki, RSI Projects; and Lorrie Rand, Habit Studio
Conventional methods of performing deep energy retrofits are slow and expensive. The ReCover Initiative is based on a systematic, turnkey approach to affordable deep energy retrofits, developed in the Netherlands, called Energiesprong ("energy leap"). The ReCover process involves wrapping the building in a new prefabricated skin and replacing the mechanical systems with smaller, more efficient components. This work is faster and less disruptive than a typical renovation, and it allows for occupants to remain in their homes throughout the work. Additionally, following a proven, systematic process reduces risk to the contractor and reduces costs to the owner. Read more …
Third & Hawkins Condo: Local residents band together to offer comfort and high efficiency to downsizers
By Mary Ellen Read, Northern Front Studio

Located in Whitehorse, the six-storey was intended as a sustainable, community-oriented residential building. To withstand the harsh winter temperatures and lack of sunlight, an enclosure-first design was critical to reduce energy consumption and improve both thermal performance and airtightness. The compact form minimizes heat loss while the 15-degree rotation of the building and significant overhangs maximize solar-gain in winter and solar-shade during warmer months. The building is equipped with a high-efficiency central ERV system, specifically a Dual-Core RG 2000, by Winnipeg-based Tempeff. Acting as the building's lungs, the ERV not only recovers heat, but also factors in humidity while supplying continuous fresh air supply and frost-free operation in this climate. Photo: Martin Knowles Photo/Media. Read more …
Interview with Lucie Andlauer of Subterra Renewables
Subterra Renewables specialises in geothermal heating and cooling systems for multi-residential and commercial buildings. It offers an end-to-end design and installation service as well as an 'Energy as a Service' utility program where it invests in the renewable energy asset to remove the barrier of initial capital investment.
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