🌎 Want to work abroad? This salary calculator estimates what your job would pay in 38 countries

Details broke this week about two sets of AR glasses that Meta is working on, each packed with seriously innovative technology. Just as intriguingly, we learned more about Mark Zuckerberg’s overarching ambition for AR, which is to create an “iPhone moment” comparable to the impact of Apple’s first smartphone in 2007. The company is pouring tens of billions of dollars a year into this goal. I took a look at why the tech industry has seen so few iPhone moments in the past—and why it’s even tough for a company with nearly unlimited resources to conjure up one.
—Harry McCracken, @harrymccracken
augmented reality
Why Mark Zuckerberg is fixated on creating AR’s ‘iPhone moment’

You thought Facebook was powerful? To Meta’s CEO, the fact that his products have usually sat on platforms he didn’t control has long been a frustration.

salary calculator
Want to work abroad? This salary calculator estimates what your job would pay in 38 countries

It’s the perfect tool for digital nomads.

hit the ground running
How to quit your job without pissing off your boss

If you’re one of the millions joining the Great Resignation, there’s a way to handle your departure without burning bridges. This executive coach details how.

These 6 products will save your aching hands and wrists

Whether you need a massager, a more ergonomic computer accessory, or a cream to help ease your pain, these products have you covered.

how to be a success
5 insights that will allow you to compete in the future of work

Management consultant and bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi insists that the most important lesson of all is that this is your opportunity to learn from your peers.

marketing innovation
How the Phoenix Suns built a championship brand—off the court

The Suns finished the season with the best record in the NBA, but it’s also been building its bond with fans—with lessons for every company on the rise.

art history
The most expensive 20th-century artwork ever auctioned is wildly misunderstood

There’s a sinister edge to Warhol’s Marilyn paintings because many were produced in the months following her unexpected death in 1962.

corporate social responsibility
Charitable giving can backfire for companies that do social harm

Consumers perceive corporate social responsibility initiatives differently, depending on how sincere they perceive the companies to be.

financing the future
169-year-old Steinway & Sons piano maker tunes up for an IPO

The storied brand, which will list shares on the New York Stock Exchange, is betting on a future powered by high-tech pianos and a growing market in China.

Nike’s new VP of digital design hails from Twitter and Netflix

Dantley Davis, who helped build Netflix and reenergize Twitter, lands at Nike as digital design VP.

fast government
IRS tax deadline 2022: extensions, stimulus credits, and other last-minute questions answered

Not ready to file a return by Monday? You can get a six-month extension, but you still have to pay what you owe to the Internal Revenue Service.

Video: Brand Hit or Miss of the Week
Oreo continues to support the LGBTQ+ community
LGBTQ+ rights are again at the center of the culture wars, as Texas passed a controversial anti-trans law, and Florida just passed its “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Despite a fraught climate for brands, Oreo has continued to step into this issue with impressive creative work and zero hesitation. This is Fast Company’s Brand Hit or Miss of the Week.
fast company events
Most Innovative Companies Virtual Summit: A celebration of innovation in business
This multi-day summit will provide an early look at major business trends that Most Innovative Companies and their ilk are capitalizing on, while offering inspiration and practical insights on what it takes to innovate in 2022. From energizing panels to intimate breakout sessions, and with new speakers added each week, trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this. 
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