Announcing the World Changing Ideas of 2022

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Solar panel shingles that homeowners can nail right to their roofs; a pill equipped with a tiny dissolvable needle that delivers a painless injection from inside your body; an animal-free whey that makes ice cream, protein powder, and cream cheese taste like real dairy—even though there are no animals involved.

These projects may sound a bit far-fetched, but they’re all real, and are already helping reimagine their industries as we know them. They’re also all winners of our 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards. Each year, these awards honor the people, projects, and companies working on bold solutions for the world’s biggest problems, and this year we’re featuring 39 winners—and nearly 1,000 finalists and honorable mentions—across categories including climate, transportation, social justice, and pandemic response. 

Amid the seemingly endless stream of disastrous news, the projects honored by our World Changing Ideas Awards provide reasons to hope, and show the innovative ways problem solvers are making a difference. Explore the full list of honorees here
—Kristin Toussaint, @kristindakota
world changing ideas
2022 World Changing Ideas

See the 39 inspiring winners, and hundreds of honorees, of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards.

world changing ideas
This animal-free whey makes everything from ice cream to protein powder taste like real dairy, no cows needed

Perfect Day’s animal-free whey is identical to the protein made by a cow, but emits up to 97% fewer emissions and uses up to 99% less water use than real dairy whey.

world changing ideas
Why an Arctic town in Finland bid for the 2032 Olympic Summer Games

Called Salla 2032 the campaign to host the summer Olympics in Finland’s coldest city illustrated the very real consequences climate inaction.

a message from genpact
Partnership has always been a world-changing idea.
Genpact is partnering with Fast Company on its World Changing Ideas awards for the second year in a row. We will bring the power of our digital, industry, and data expertise to a new honoree and help amplify its impact. Learn more here. 
These electric off-road vehicles could help decarbonize power sports

Taiga—a winner of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards—is electrifying off-road vehicles like snowmobiles, letting people explore nature without also harming it.

work life
Millennials are taking over from Boomers. Here’s how to ensure a positive transfer of power

Workforce innovation specialist Sophie Wade notes no single generation, executive, or manager has all the answers. Rising leaders need to include everyone in the conversation.

Why one of New York City’s oldest hotels was redesigned for a cat

The Algonquin Hotel needed a refresh, but, crucially, the new space had to accommodate a cat.

Ikea unveils a new Swedish meatball—for insects only

Swedish Seedballs are made of soil, clay, and wildflower seeds—and can help you grow native plants in your backyard.

These are the storytelling lessons I learned from Steve Jobs

In an excerpt from his new book, Nest cofounder Tony Fadell writes of his time at Apple and how he saw Steve Jobs marshal facts and emotion to tell a tale.

Last-minute gifts to show Mom you care this Mother’s Day

These gifts will delight any mom, whether she needs a do-it-all-bag, a trendy saucepan, or all the essentials to unwind.

work life
Exactly how to say no to dead-end work without hurting your career

A non-promotable task (NPT) is one that benefits your organization but not your career. That’s why you need to follow three simple steps to ensure you can focus your energy in ways that advance your career.

NEWS’s bad rewards: What you need to know’s Visa rewards cardholders are not thrilled after a blog post from the cryptocurrency trading platform on Sunday said it would unexpectedly slash rewards across all membership tiers.
The prepaid card lets platform users spend their cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in fiat currency at Visa-accepting merchants, with users topping up funds periodically from their accounts.
While many knew the trading platform’s generous rewards program was too good to last, some are upset about the sudden move. On social media some threatened to leave the platform once their rewards expire.
The value of’s native token, CRO, fell 15% following the controversy. Shares of stock were down Monday, too.
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