Day 7: Make one plant-based meal today

It's time to get cooking.
Eat More Plants Challenge

DAY 7 OF 14

Make one plant-based meal today

First off, congrats! You're a week into this challenge. You've got your recipe and prepped some of what you bought. Now it's time to cook!

What plant-based dish did you decide to try this week? (Maybe it's for tonight's dinner, or maybe for another meal to enjoy later in the week.)

Remember, you're going slow and steady with this challenge so that you can really see what works for you and what to tweak next time you try. As the saying goes, no need to boil the ocean. (But maybe boil your rice!)

For today's challenge: Get out your recipe, pull your ingredients together, and go. And don't worry. It's not about getting it perfect — it's about practice.

Success tips

  • Carefully read the recipe all the way through before you start. Envision each step, and make sure you've allowed yourself enough time for all the steps.
  • Stay focused while you're cooking. Listening to music is great, but if you're watching a show or checking your email, you're likely to get distracted.
  • Roll with your mistakes. They happen! And oftentimes the dish turns out delicious anyway. And if not — try again another day!

If you skipped ahead and already made your recipe, a meal planning app like PlateJoy can help you find another option quickly, and build you a shopping list, too. (PlateJoy, Inc. is owned by Healthline Media. If you sign up, we may receive a financial benefit.)

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