How Alicia Keys is expanding her brand mindfully

With burnout, anxiety, and depression among workers hitting record levels—three-quarters of full-time U.S. workers experienced at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year, according to the consultancy Mind Share Partners—it’s time for a serious conversation about how the workplace affects our mental health. Fast Company is getting that conversation started with a series of stories in our Summer issue. Cover subject Alicia Keys speaks candidly about how she is finally protecting her mental wellbeing while taking on new challenges, including launching her Keys Soulcare skincare brand and a series of capsule collections with Athleta. We also convened a roundtable of business leaders and mental health advocates to discuss how to create workplaces that prioritize employees’ whole health. And we have an excerpt of Bonobos founding CEO Andy Dunn’s new memoir, Burn Rate, in which he describes how having untreated bipolar disorder nearly derailed his personal and professional life. Find these stories and more on our Mental Health at Work hub.
—Amy Farley, @afarles
mental health at work
How Alicia Keys is expanding her brand mindfully

Growing up in the music business, Alicia Keys was used to working late into the night. Today, she’s as busy as ever—but also focused on being well.

mental health at work
Mental health at work: It’s (finally) time to talk about it

Fast Company brought together a roundtable of business leaders and advocates to discuss why the mental well-being of employees should be a top priority.

mental health at work
Bonobos cofounder Andy Dunn reveals his bipolar disorder

In his memoir, ‘Burn Rate,’ Bonobos founding CEO Andy Dunn shares how bipolar I disorder nearly derailed his personal and professional life. An exclusive excerpt.

What should the office of the future look like?

If the office is ever going to be a place worth leaving home for, it needs to change. On this episode of The New Way We Work we find out how to redesign the workplace of the future.

5 free must-have apps for your return to the office

Goodbye, comfy home. Hello, commutes and cubicles. These five essential apps cost nothing and will help you ease your way back into office life.

Video doorbells can still hear us, even when we can’t see them

Recent reporting around the Amazon Ring and Arlo Ultra reveals it’s hard for us to know when we are under surveillance—and what data is being collected.

One of the most important leadership traits has taken a hit. Here’s how to get it back

A Q&A with author Stephen M.R. Covey reveals fundamental leadership principles and that trust is a learnable skill.

As buy now, pay later services have grown more popular, there remains virtually no oversight

Many consumers are racking up late fees they may not even realize exist.

In the face of megadroughts, L.A. is transforming how it uses water

Water restrictions imposed on residents are likely just the first of many measures cities will need to take in order to adapt to shrinking water supplies.

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s new director: ‘I see design as a great equalizer’

Maria Nicanor, the new director of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, wants to change how you think about design. First step? Move away from the shiny object.

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