N.Y. Today: Trump’s Federal Suit Against New York A.G. Is Dismissed

Mr. Trump had argued that an inquiry by the attorney general, Letitia James, violated his consti.

Jumaane Williams Owns the Left Lane. Why Hasn't His Campaign Taken Off?

Mr. Williams, whose candidacy for New York governor was celebrated by progressives, has not gained much momentum and is far behind in fund-raising.

By Jeffery C. Mays and Jesse McKinley

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Hazel Henderson, Groundbreaking Environmentalist, Dies at 89

A self-taught apostle of the green economy and socially responsible investing, she taught her followers to act locally.

By Sam Roberts

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The Only Living Pay Phones in New York

At one point in time, you couldn't walk 30 feet on a New York City block without encountering a pay phone. A look at the last ones.

By Ann Chen, Aaron Reiss, George Etheredge, Geoffrey Haggray, Sara Messinger and Sinna Nasseri

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Shoplifting Ring Swept Stores for Luxury Goods, Prosecutors Say

A Queens man was charged with being the ringleader of a multimillion-dollar scheme to sell stolen items online.

By Chelsia Rose Marcius

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Who Is Protected Against Monkeypox?

Older people who received smallpox vaccinations may yet have some immunity, researchers say. Healthy children and adults generally do not become severely ill.

By Apoorva Mandavilli

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