🧐 After 600 interviews, I learned leaders’ wisdom lies in these two questions

Every time I speak to a leader who spends a lot of time pondering the right questions to ask to help better understand people and processes, I’m inspired. Apparently, so is Jenna Abdou. In a piece she penned for Fast Company, the host of the podcast 33Voices reflects on her experiences. Over the course of 600 conversations with a cadre of guests ranging from artists to entrepreneurs to neuroscientists, all of whom are “united by the belief that we have an opportunity to make a difference,” Abdou came to a realization. “When I started hosting 33Voices, I believed guests’ wisdom lied in their answers,” she writes. “Now, nearly a decade later, I know it’s in the questions they inspire.” Read on to discover the two that have come to shape Abdou’s life and work.
—Lydia Dishman
leadership now
After 600 interviews, I learned leaders’ wisdom lies in these two questions

When Jenna Abdou started hosting 33voices, she believed guests’ wisdom lay in their answers. Now, nearly a decade later, she knows it’s in the questions they inspire.

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Tech layoffs accelerate in June, with more than 7,000 losing their jobs so far

After a month of 16,000 layoffs, more tech companies are laying off employees, including Coinbase, StitchFix, and Bird.

The $8 billion crypto unicorn that crypto loves to hate

Chainalysis regulates crypto transactions and works with organizations—including the government—to prevent fraud. So why do people hate it so much?

5 clever ways that malls are being reinvented across the U.S.

A new book makes the case that, No, malls aren’t dying. They’re just changing with the times.

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Why even your best employees are burned out—and what to do

In a new podcast, Angela Duckworth, author of the 2016 bestseller Grit, explains why, two years into the pandemic, even the grittiest people are quitting, stepping down, or scaling back.

Why this book startup is taking a page from Glossier and Allbirds

Book publishing startup Parea is using the DTC playbook to connect new authors to communities who will engage with their work.

Atlanta announces new HIV testing pilot aimed at reducing high infection rates

A pilot program will distribute at-home STI test kits in a state with one of the highest HIV infection rates in the country.

An elegant vision for microdosing

As we reimagine our relationship with drugs, we should reimagine the UX of drug use.

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Sephora Squad’s newest influencers want to change the way we think about beauty

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You may be waiting a long time for your tax refund
Natasha Sarin, a tax policy counselor for the U.S. Treasury, shared a photo on social media this week that shows an Austin, TX-based IRS facility overflowing with crates of unprocessed paper returns.
The tweet, unsurprisingly, is getting widely shared, with more than 4,300 likes as of Wednesday afternoon.
Sarin explains that the IRS began this tax season with "tens of millions of returns" unprocessed from last year. 
Part of the problem? The IRS’s technology is antiquated and still relies heavily on manual processing of returns, typing in data by hand.
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How one woman is getting BIPOC creators a seat at the table
Annelise Campbell is the founder of the CFG, an influencer marketing agency geared toward BIPOC creators like Monica Veloz, a lifestyle and beauty creator of nine years who, since linking up with CFG, has gained an entirely new perspective on value as an Afro-Latina creator. In this episode with Annelise and Monica, we cover everything from how creators of color should view their work to holding brands accountable for the work that still needs to be done.
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