Canada This Week: An Air Canada apology, an Uber-big order and long-lost lovers reunite

Canada This Week is a curated collection of some of the best stories published by CTV News journalists across the country this week.




Canada This Week is a curated collection of some of the best stories published by CTV News journalists across the country this week.

Here's what's been happening.


Air Canada sorry

A Cape Breton woman has received an apology from Air Canada after she missed a flight home to see her dying father.

Allyson White and her brother were supposed to fly home to see their father, who was in intensive care after going into cardiac arrest. But their flight from Toronto to Sydney, N.S., was cancelled, leaving them stranded at the Toronto airport.

The pair was forced to say goodbye to their father over the phone while standing in line at Air Canada's customer service desk at the Toronto airport.

An Uber-big order

An Uber Eats driver in Halifax got the order of a lifetime – $825 worth of fast food.

The customers were a bride and groom who wanted to give their guests a late-night treat from McDonald's. Steven Murphy, the delivery driver who made the drop-off, says he wasn't even planning on making deliveries Saturday night.

"I decided to turn my alert on to see if I could pick any orders up. Then I looked at the order details and the order details said that the customer had ordered 226 items – and I was like, 'OK this definitely can't be real.'"
Sure enough, the order was legit. 


Long-lost lovers reunite 

After a lifetime of searching and heartache, American war veteran Duane Mann has finally reunited with his lost love Peggy Yamaguchi, partly thanks to Vancouver researcher Theresa Wong.

Mann posted on Facebook last month asking the public to help him find Yamaguchi, detailing the relationship he had with her almost 70 years ago.

The post captured the hearts of hundreds of people around the world and it eventually caught the eye of Wong, who found Peggy.

A little slice of "Schitt's Creek"

An iconic building made famous by the hit Canadian TV show "Schitt's Creek" has landed on the market with a price-tag of $2.35 million.

People familiar with the show might recognize the two-storey brick home in Goodwood, Ont., as Rose Apothecary, a boutique store opened in the show by David Rose, who is played by Canadian actor Dan Levy.

Check it out.


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Canada This Week is curated by journalists Matthew Talbot and Adam Frisk and is published on Saturdays. Like what you see here? Get the latest local headlines whenever you want them from the Local Spotlight.

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