Do Aliens Exist? We Examine the Latest Research in Extraterrestrials and the Search for Life

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The Ultimate Question

Extraterrestrials and the Search for Life

Do aliens exist? The enduring mystery of whether we're alone in the universe is a question that continues to drive scientific study into groundbreaking directions. This collection examines the latest thinking in the search for life, from discussing why we haven't found evidence of aliens so far to determining where and how to conduct the search to opening up the possibilities for what otherworldly life could truly look like.

The Science of Birds

Birds are fascinating creatures. They descend from dinosaurs, soar the skies and display cognitive abilities once thought to be reserved for humans. It's easy to understand why so many people are passionate birders. The more you learn about birds, the more captivating they are, and in this eBook, we examine what we know about bird evolution, intelligence, communication, migration and behavior.

Stressed Out: Causes, Effects and Keeping Calm

Chronic stress makes people sick. The fight-or-flight response activates our bodies to face immediate threats, but that stress system must turn off to allow organs to recover. Constant anxiety keeps the system active, and in this eBook, we examine the effects of ongoing stress and trauma on both body and mind as well as ways to arm ourselves against adversity by managing stress and building resilience.

The Science of Climate Change

As evidence for human interference in the Earth's climate continues to accumulate, scientists have gained a better understanding of when, where and how the impacts of global warming are being felt. In this eBook, we examine those impacts on the planet, on human society and on the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as effective mitigation strategies including resourceful urban design and smart carbon policies.


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