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Elevate your eco-credentials with luxurious, refillable hand washes from niche brands

It's easy to be cynical about themed days and months: we don't go in much for National Chocolate-Covered Nut Day at Stylist, for example (yes, it's a thing). But it's never been more important to minimise our impact on the planet, so as Plastic-Free July draws to a close, we're upgrading the hand soap in our bathrooms and kitchens with beautifully scented refillable options. Shoreditch-based brand Blackmarket's innovative range of soaps come in lightweight dishwasher tablet-esque "pebbles", reducing CO2 emissions during postage. The range has just been updated with uplifting new scent Morning Glory, made from waste products of the citrus industry; simply drop a pebble into one of Blackmarket's reusable glass bottles (£10) and top with water to create gorgeous handwash (from £9.50 for a single refill).

For refill newbies, Neat's bundle includes two aluminium dispensers in pastel colours plus eight concentrated refills in rose and green tea scents (£31). Raindrop's starter pack consists of two chic smoked-glass bottles and six rounds of refill tablets (£27.50). Purdy & Figg and Gloved both allow you to buy their handwashes as a starter bottle, which can then be topped up via larger glass refills: the former has a sweet orange and grapefruit fragrance (from £15), the latter a woody scent featuring juniper, iris and hydrating hyaluronic acid (from £22). And if you've already got a soap dispenser, top it up with Fiils' sachets in lemongrass, pomelo or coconut (£8 each). Clean hands, clean mind, clean eco-footprint – what's not to love?

A summery scrunchie will keep your hair out of your eyes while WFH *and* help prevent SNS (sweaty neck syndrome)
Toco Swim / £7
Just like a crème brûlée, your head will look even better when topped with burnt orange. No blow-torch required
buy now
Newt / £12
Graphic floral prints are everywhere right now, so add this eco-friendly option to your summer 2022 hair toolkit
buy now
Lily Silk / £7.79
Made from 100% mulberry silk, this pastel pink scrunchie will help to protect from frizz and prevent split ends
buy now
Rixo / £20
We all know Rixo's floral dresses – this is a small way to embrace the brand's feminine, vintage-inspired aesthetic
buy now
RVMB / £3.99
So-called 'Bottega green' helps us channel an outdoorsy, at-one-with-nature energy, even when we're in the pub
buy now
Apricot / £5
Daisies on gingham couldn't feel more seasonal. Go all the way and wear with a summer dress and basket bag
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3 stuffed pepper recipes offering a fresh spin on the classic vegetarian dish
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This relatable new novel blends Greek mythology with the messiness of lockdown life

We all cycled through a wild range of emotional states at the height of the pandemic, grappling with fear and confusion and ruminating on what we wanted our lives to look like on the other side. Out today, British poet and playwright Claire Pollard's debut novel Delphi (Penguin) explores the psychological effects of lockdown from the perspective of an unnamed narrator, a classics professor stuck at home with her husband and 10-year-old son. As she tries to teach her university students from home and maintain sane relationships with her family, she's also reckoning with the chaos of the outside world.

"If you're a fan of Greek mythology, you'll enjoy Delphi – the book's narrator is equally obsessed and constantly brings up ancient legends, which is fascinating in its own right," says Stylist Loves writer Kiran Meeda. "But what I loved most about this quick read is the straight-talking, frustrated narrative voice, which feels so real and relatable when I remember how I felt during the lockdowns. Her son wants nothing to do with her and she's trying to maintain a marriage when she and her partner are constantly on top of each other, while analysing every aspect of her life at lightning speed. It feels almost like a non-fiction societal commentary, one that perfectly captures the anxieties of the pandemic. There's something strangely comforting about seeing the messiness of lockdown life through fictional eyes." £12.99, Bookshop.org

9 art deco dinnerware buys that will give your home a vintage revamp
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