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Disposable? Think Again
A staple item in any holiday suitcase, the humble disposable is a firm favorite for simple analogue fun! Leave it lying around at a party though and you might get a bit more than you bargained for…Our Simple Use Reloadable Cameras combine everything we love about a disposable – lightweight, pocket-sized, built-in flash – with extra creative features like colored filters AND it's reusable so you can reduce plastic waste too! Until August 15th, enjoy savings of up to 30% off our Simple Use Reloadable Film Cameras!
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There once was a cow that could fly
It flew just as high as the sky
You thought it was mad
But really were glad
Your camera was ready nearby!
Something Fishy?
Another lightweight and portable choice for on-the-go experimentation, the Fisheye No.2 will open your eyes to a whole new perspective. Create your own album cover shots or fit all your friends in one big bulbous frame – it's a super-cool look for super-cool people like you! Check out our video for action shot inspiration! Remember – until August 15th, you'll receive a FREE fisheye circle cutter with any Fisheye camera so you can cut your snaps into perfect circles for fun, creative displays!
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Fun for the Whole Family
Film photography doesn't have an age limit. Whether you're aged 1 or 101 – it's easy, accessible and fun for everyone! This makes analogue photography a great option for the whole family. We spoke to Philippe and Zoé Multeau about how they make film photography a family affair. Phillipe introduced his daughter, Zoe, to the art of analogue when he gave her a La Sardina camera for her 11th birthday. The rest is history! Read on to find out how this family bonds through film.
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