What Would You Do With $10,000 This Weekend?


The long weekend is nearly here! 

Long weekends in summer are the perfect time to get outdoors, enjoy time with friends and family and tackle some of those dream home updates and landscaping projects around the home and cottage!  Did you know that you can use the equity in your home to help you tackle those projects? 

More and more Canadian homeowners are unlocking the wealth in their homes using Home Equity Loans, especially with rising home values. Have you thought about it?   

You can use the funds for anything - home improvement project, investment opportunity, or to consolidate high-interest debts, which could save thousands on interest. It's the perfect opportunity to tackle those dream projects around the house or cottage! 


Wondering what you can accomplish in a weekend? Check out some of these fantastic ideas that you could complete this weekend! 

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Home

If you've found yourself with a little time to spare this weekend, you might want to consider implementing some small updates that pack a big punch… Read more

Update Your Cottage in a Weekend

Maintaining your cottage is as important as maintaining your year-round property; keep reading to... Read more

At Alpine Credits, homeowners can get approved for $10,000 and up in as little as 24 hours. That means you could start tackling some of those dream projects as soon as this weekend! They've been helping homeowners for over 50 years! 

Find out how much you can unlock in just a few minutes.

Apply Now to Get $10,000 & Up

Why Alpine Credits? 

  • Quick application, easy approval for homeowners
  • Loans anywhere from $10,000 and up 
  • Your loan can be used for anything you like
  • Lower interest rates than unsecured loans 

To get started, apply online today by clicking here, or the below button.

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Weekend DIY: Deck Makeover

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Easy Long Weekend Home Improvements

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