Breaking: Arizona AG Investigation Debunks Claim That Hundreds of Dead Voters Cast Ballots in 2020

Hundreds of hours of research by the Arizona attorney general's Election Integrity Unit debunked claims that 282 dead Arizona voters cast a ballot in 2020, state attorney general Mark Brnovich revealed Monday.

Brnovich responded to the state senate's request for a criminal investigation into the alleged dead voter fraud on Monday, telling senate president Karen Fann in a letter that just one dead voter was found in his office's investigation. While it was not clear who that single dead voter was, the AG's office prosecuted a woman who admitted to voting with her dead mother's ballot in 2020, according to the Arizona Republic.

“All other persons listed as deceased were found to be current voters,” he wrote.

Brnovich wrote that his office supported the Senate’s ballot review but that “allegations of widespread deceased voters from the Senate audit and other complaints received by the EIU are insufficient and not corroborated.”

Investigators with the AG’s office looked into 6,634 complaints about dead voters in 2020, including reports from the state senate’s contractor, the Cyber Ninjas.

"Our agents investigated all individuals that Cyber Ninjas reported as dead and many were very surprised to learn they were allegedly deceased,” he said.

The Florida-based Cyber Ninjas issued a report more than ten months ago after carrying out a  review of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County, Ariz. In April, Brnovich said an initial review of the contractor’s report found “serious vulnerabilities” in the election’s procedures, but no crimes. 

Another report submitted to Brnovich’s office did not separate alleged dead voters from dead registrants.

"Once again, these claims were thoroughly investigated and resulted in only a handful of potential cases," the letter said. "Some were so absurd the names and birthdates didn't even match the deceased, and others included dates of death after the election."

Fann, who gave the list of suspected dead voters to the AG's office as part of the state senate's review of ballots from the 2020 presidential and U.S. Senate races, thanked the AG’s office for its investigation in a statement to the Arizona Republic.

The senate president said the results answer some of the "grave concerns" voters and lawmakers had about election fraud.

“They asked us to do the hard work of fact finding, and we are delivering the facts,” Fann wrote. “This step of the AG’s investigation is critical to restoring the diminished confidence our constituents expressed following the last election.”

Brnovich, who is running for U.S. Senate, issued his findings just one day before Arizona’s primary election.

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Arizona AG Investigation Debunks Claim That Hundreds of Dead Voters Cast Ballots in 2020

The investigation found that just one ballot was cast in a dead person’s name in ... READ MORE


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