Protein degradation: what you need to know

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Find answers to your research questions with our new Protein Degradation Resource Center.
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Find answers to the four most common questions on protein degradation using our new Protein Degradation Resource Center. We offer high-quality assays, reagents, and instruments to help address your experimental needs in protein degradation research.
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Does my probe target my protein of interest and E3 ligase to properly form a ternary complex?
Determine if the ternary complex is formed and if targeted degradation of the protein of interest has been initiated.
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Is my protein of interest being polyubiquitinated?
Determine the state of ubiquitin modification of the protein of interest in cell or tissue lysates, and confirm the protein has been tagged for degradation.
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Was my protein of interest degraded?
As an alternative to gene deletion methods, use targeted protein degradation to modulate expression of the protein of interest. Determine if the protein of interest was targeted for degradation.
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How is targeted protein degradation affecting my host cells?
Evaluate any off-target effects of protein degradation. Host cells can be biologically assessed to determine the impact on cell viability and function.
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