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With this month's issue of Belle all about the best design coming out of Milan, we're also taking a moment to explore the rich history of filmmaking and contemporary cinema originating from one of Europe's cultural centres. Screening at Palace Cinemas nationally this September and October, the 2022 St Ali Italian Film Festival is the biggest celebration of Italian film outside of Italy, with more than 30 new films and an extensive retrospective program. Fresh from Cannes, the festival's multi-award-winning centrepiece 'Nostalgia' is an absorbing tale of regrets and a sentimental love-letter to Naples, and our top pick for this weekend.
Discover the world's leading brands, designers, and future trends at Design Show Australia, coming to Sydney this October 20. As one of the most respected annual line-ups of industry leaders and tastemakers, the event is known as a place to discover curated and authentic innovation in design and architecture. Showcasing high-end interior products alongside a series of thoughtful talks and interviews exploring themes including sustainable design, multigenerational living and the rise of the smart home, the weekend has something for brands, manufacturers, and designers alike. Use the code BELLE to get 50% off your ticket price.
There is a definite cinematic quality to designer Ken Fulk's work, whether it's the lushly decadent appointments of a restaurant in Florida, a luxurious hotel-esque apartment building in New York or multiple sumptuous private residences around the world. He freely admits his designs are heavily influenced by Hollywood, calling himself a "cinematographer of clients' lives" and describing projects as "movies". And, just like the cinema, his latest book 'The Movie in My Mind', transports and inspires readers to a realm of glamour and possibility, delving behind the scenes of his most extravagant endeavours.
Restaurants and bars are some of the world's most creative spaces, an ethos wholly embraced by South Yarra diner Lona Misa, which took out the award for best hotel design at the renowned London-based Restaurant Bar & Design Awards last week. With trailblazing chef Shannon Martinez at its helm the all-day meat-free diner ‒ designed by Sydney-based firm Luchetti Krelle ‒ offers a memorable experience for both ambience seekers and foodies. With a mostly Latin menu spanning huevos rancheros for breakfast to char-imbued greens and Spanish blood sausage, you'll want to follow the call of the graffiti art splashed across one wall "Mételo en la boca" ("Put it in your mouth")
Join us in celebrating the launch of Greg Natale's latest book, 'The Layered Interior', with an intimate three-course dinner and drinks at Beta in Sydney's CBD hosted by Belle's editor Tanya Buchanan. This is Greg's third publication and takes readers deeper than ever before into his unique approach to design. With superb photographs by Anson Smart and Natale's personal stories behind every design, 'The Layered Interior' presents the illuminating stories of eight new and fascinating projects that are in themselves layered in colour, pattern, texture, and storytelling. Tickets are $295 and include a goodie-bag featuring a signed copy of the book.
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