Investors Conference: 8 Takes; Woody Allen's Final Cast; Movistar+ Unveils 'Offworld'

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San Sebastian Film Festival

No. 5 | Sep 22, 2022

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From Talent to Co-Production and John Sloss' Movement, 8 Takeaways from San Sebastian's Investors Conference  

John Sloss, Christine Vachon, Phil Hunt, Trevor Groth and a dazzling lineup of other figures debate the present, future of the business.

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Wild Bunch's Cecile Gaget, 30West's Trevor Groth on the Future of Financing, Netflix and the Theatrical Biz

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Phil Hunt, Diana Williams, Karin Chien On New Ways of Thinking, Diversity

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'The Silence of the Ants' Tops Lau Haizetara Forum Awards at San Sebastian Major Doc Event

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'Il Boemo' Review: The Czech Republic's Oscar Hopeful is an Old-School, Sumptuously Appointed Musical Biopic

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'Crimes of the Future' Review: Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart Star in David Cronenberg's Savage Horror Movie as Metaphor

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'Tori and Lokita' Review: The Dardenne Brothers Are Back in Form with a Drama of Two Wily Immigrant Kids Scrambling for Survival

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'Godland' Review: Almighty Iceland Puts a Weak Danish Priest's Faith to the Test

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