King Charles III tells U.K. lawmakers of 'the weight of history'

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September 12, 2022


King Charles III addresses U.K. Parliament, the Queen's casket arrives in Edinburgh, and the real work begins for new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

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Weight of history

King Charles III has addressed lawmakers in the U.K. Parliament, telling them he would follow his late mother Queen Elizabeth II in upholding the nation's "precious principles of constitutional governance."

Queen's casket moves

In a sombre, regal procession, Queen Elizabeth II's flag-draped coffin was driven slowly through the Scottish countryside Sunday from her beloved Balmoral Castle to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

Poilievre's next steps

Pierre Poilievre is the new leader of the Conservative party, coming off a landslide win on the first ballot. Before he can take time to enjoy the victory, he has a list of things to do.

Ukraine makes gains

Ukrainian troops have succeeded in reclaiming swaths of territory from the Russian side in recent days. But a military analyst is warning that doesn't mean the end for Russia.

Crown-Indigenous relations

For many Indigenous people across Canada, the death of Queen Elizabeth II is a chance to re-examine the monarchy's legacy of subjugation as colonizers, with leaders calling on the new King to denounce the Doctrine of Discovery.


Watch Elton John perform a farewell tribute to Queen Elizabeth II


After Queen Elizabeth II's death, her corgis will live with the Duke and Duchess of York, Andrew and Sarah.

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