Natasha Lyonne Is Nobody's Ingenue

It would be infuriating that Natasha Lyonne hasn't fronted a major fashion campaign yet, except the one she finally landed is just so good. As the new face of COS, the actress / director / producer stares down a camera lensed by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Camilla Nickerson. In the images, Lyonne wears a black peacoat and fishnets, framed by a New York rooftop and not the least bit concerned that she's got no pants. As the kids say: She eats.

As I imagine, she also actually eats, and drinks, and smokes, and creates, and has a whole life outside of this fashion racket, which—Lyonne assures me—is the whole point. "I think COS is great because the quality is very nice; very nice, but also, you can go to a store and get it. You can wear it even if you don't have a stylist, or a lot of time to get yourself together. It's like a shortcut to getting it right."

Lyonne calls me en route to work—she's shooting Poker Face, the TV series from Knives Out's Rian Johnson—and since she's way more interesting than I am, I'm gonna get out your way and just tell you what she said.


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