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Happy Wednesday! This is Ginger Wojcik reporting the hump day edition of Wellness Wire.
On Monday, the world paid its final respects to Queen Elizabeth II. Ruling for 70 years, she was the longest-reigning monarch in British history (and the second-longest in the world). The Queen lived to the age of 96, surpassing the average person's life span by 23 years! Equally remarkable was that she had no reported signs of dementia — which affects 1 in 3 people in their 90s. Today in recognition of World Alzheimer's Month, we're sharing Her Majesty's top secrets, backed by science, for staying mentally fit.
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an under-the-desk electric treadmill
a new Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved wrinkle treatment
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  Written by Ginger Wojcik
September 21, 2022 • 5 min read
Was the queen's packed calendar her secret to staying sharp?
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Was the queen's packed calendar her secret to staying sharp?
On Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at her Scotland summer home at the age of 96. The queen reportedly kept up her many royal duties until the very end, including public outings and weekly meetings with the prime minister.

While many of us would probably prefer not to work into our 90s, the queen's packed calendar may have helped prevent common health issues like heart disease, cancer, and dementia, which affects up to 33% of people in their 90s.

Indeed, a 2004 study found that "an active and socially integrated lifestyle in late life" may help prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease, while loneliness and isolation have been found to increase your risk in older age.

Another possible key to the queen's longevity? Her love of horses and horse racing, to which she famously devoted hours every week. According to research from 2011, engaging in hobbies on a weekly basis through older age may reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Of course, having access to the best healthcare and a palace full of people at your beck and call certainly doesn't hurt when it comes to staying healthy. (In fact, working lower wage jobs has been linked to faster memory decline.) But we'll take any help we can get when it comes to staying mentally sharp.

tl;dr: A third of people in their 90s have dementia, but the queen, who passed away at 96, had no reported signs of it. There's research to suggest that having a socially engaged lifestyle and a lifelong, beloved hobby may have played a role in her mental fitness.
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– Denis McDonough, secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA)
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Move over, Botox
Wednesday Kick Start
Move over, Botox
There's a new longer-lasting anti-wrinkle treatment in town. Well, on the way to town, that is. The FDA just approved Daxxify to be used as a facial injection, but it won't be available to the public until sometime in 2023.

Like OG injectable Botox, Daxxify uses a botulinum toxin to paralyze muscles in the face just enough to help stop wrinkles from forming. But unlike Botox, the new treatment lasts an average of 6 months — compared with Botox's 3 months. The Daxxify formula also doesn't contain any animal or human products, and it showed few side effects in clinical trials.

Currently, there's no word on how much Daxxify will cost. But based on Botox's $300 to $600 bill per treatment, it's a safe bet that it won't be cheap.

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Now, in light of new skin care advancements and health tips approved by the late Queen Elizabeth II, we want to know: No matter your age, what makes you feel young? Let us know at and keep an eye out for your responses in Friday's email!
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