The Film Swap Finale

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Lomography Film Swap Grand Finale
Lomography Film Swap Grand Finale
Photographers around the world came together to try their hands at our biggest film swap ever, celebrating Film Photography Day. This is our third and final installment of the challenge and although we're sure you're crying into your pillows because you're so sad for it to be over, your brains should now be full of exciting ideas for your own film swap challenges or multiple exposure experimentation!
Exciting Ideas Ahead
Lomography Film Swap Grand Finale
"Not knowing the final result is the most exciting thing but also the biggest challenge."
Chiara Fogliatti
"I am always open to new inspirations, ideas, proposals and projects in general. Although my approach to photography is rather formal, I decided to take the opportunity offered by Lomography to discover new forms of expression and put myself to the test."
Andrea Lecce
Lomography Film Swap Grand Finale
"Not knowing shot for shot what Eva had taken photos of. It makes it challenging because you don't want your photos to be too overpowering and lose your collaborators image, but you also don't want your image to be lost either, so it's finding the right balance."
Tony Sykes
"[For newbies] I would say make sure not to overexpose, and avoid very bright backgrounds or bright skies as this will pretty much cancel out anything darker that might be on the same exposure."
Lomography Film Swap Grand Finale
"When I take analogue photos, I'm often afraid of "losing" the photos in some way or to spoil them. In this case, I totally let myself think only of the moment of the shot without thinking too much about the final result."
"I wanted to try to create without knowing what would be the results. I of course knew what pictures I was taking but I didn't know what the final image would look like and I think it makes it even more interesting!"
Lomography Film Swap Grand Finale
"We live in such different parts of the country so I was curious to see what Nick would shoot, and how that would coincide with my choices. So fun!"
"The biggest challenge is having no idea how the roll was shot before you get it. One tip is to underexpose more than you expect to and choose shots with deep shadows for double exposures!"
Feeling Inspired?
Feeling Inspired?
If you've been following along with our film swap challenge, you're surely keen to give it a go yourself! If you like the look of the images you've seen so far, head on over to our Online Shop to get yourself a pack (or two) of film and get started! To find some analogue friends to film swap with, keep in touch with your fellow Lomographers on our LomoHomes site.
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We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: schiamazzo, deansupertramp, tonysykes, daydreamsbyeva, partenopev_35mm, mehdi_saad_, sabrinacaramanico, madebyida &
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