1 in 10 people have diabetes

For World Diabetes Day, let's talk stats, news, and developments.
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Fact: Roughly 422 million people across the globe live with diabetes. That's why this World Diabetes Day, we're digging into the latest diabetes research, innovations, and interesting tidbits you should know about.
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Ready to get into it? Here's a cheat sheet of everything we're talking about:
the latest developments for diabetes
an acupressure mat that's more affordable than acupuncture
a simple and delicious morning tip for balancing blood sugar
which generation lies the most often to their doctor?
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Morgan Mandriota
Newsletter Editor, Healthline
  Written by Morgan Mandriota
November 14, 2022 • 6 min read
Interesting new developments in diabetes research
what's got us buzzing
Interesting new developments in diabetes research
Did you know that 1 in 10 people live with diabetes? And 1 in 5 people who have it don't even know they do? That's what the CDC says. What we say: Diabetes is manageable, and the latest research suggests there may be more prevention tips and treatments on the way sooner than later.

Here are some new developments in the diabetes space that we think are interesting and important to highlight:

  • A low carb diet for diabetes prevention: New research suggests cutting carbs can minimize type 2 diabetes risk for people who are susceptible to developing the condition. Additionally, consuming fewer carbs can help with weight management.
  • Acupuncture may also prevent and treat diabetes: This new study found that acupuncture could work as a holistic approach for preventing type 2 diabetes by helping folks sleep better, reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, etc. Acupuncture therapy also seems to significantly improve key markers (like fasting plasma glucose and glycated haemoglobin) without any adverse reactions.
  • Two popular diabetes drugs outperform others: In a clinical trial directly comparing different treatment meds for type 2 diabetes, insulin glargine and liraglutide improved blood glucose levels "modestly" better than glimepiride and sitagliptin. All drugs were more effective when added to metformin.
  • A bionic pancreas can make life easier for people with type 1 diabetes: Yes, you read that right. According to a recent clinical trial, a "bionic pancreas" might just help people with type 1 diabetes control their blood sugar levels compared to standard treatments. If approved by the FDA, this would be the first automated system for managing T1D.

There's *so* much more out there on the diabetes prevention, management, and treatment front, but this is all we can squeeze into this newsletter section. Stay posted on future news! To learn more in the meantime, browse our site for Diabetes stories, like the best diet for diabetes or even dating tips for people with diabetes.

Tl;dr – Millions of people live with diabetes, and a ton of research is being done to try to improve their lives every day. Low carb diets, acupuncture therapy, and even bionic pancreases are some of the most recent developments we think are worth noting, but there's more to come, for sure.
great finds
Editor faves with health perks
You know those great finds you just *have* to tell your friends about? That's how we feel about the products we recommend here. Every pick has been vetted by our editorial team, and we genuinely think it'll make your life better.
Kanjo Premium Acupressure Mat
Kanjo Premium Acupressure Mat
Can't afford to try acupuncture or other expensive diabetes treatments through your insurance plan? This premium acupressure mat by Kanjo may be a similar yet more affordable way to feel better from the comfort of your home.
This prickly "bed of nails" is designed to activate several acupressure trigger points at the same time for maximum relief! Laying on 8,000+ pressure points might sound uncomfortable, but after a few seconds, any weird sensations should fade and you'll start to feel warm and tingly. Then, after 15 minutes, you might notice less muscle tension, pain relief, better blood circulation, feelings of relaxation, and more health perks.
Kanjo's acupressure products are even FSA- and HSA-eligible! So whether you go through or out of insurance, trying this mat might help you manage diabetes or your overall health and well-being.
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Balance blood sugar with this delicious breakfast hack
Monday Kick Start
Balance blood sugar with this delicious breakfast hack
If you're looking for ways to better balance your blood sugar, we've got a simple and delicious tip for you: Swap out your sweet breakfast with something savory instead.

It might sound obvious, but eating pancakes, french toast, or sugary cereals in the morning can trigger a day-ruining blood sugar spike. Don't get us wrong, sugary foods aren't "bad," and people with diabetes can *absolutely* eat sweets contrary to popular misconception, but the timing of when you eat them is important. Breakfasts higher in healthy fats, protein, and fiber help your body better manage blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Our savory go-to: a sauteed veggie egg omelet. For more ideas, check out our list of 14 breakfast ideas for diabetics. Oh, and be sure to consult with your doctor to make sure your diet is meeting your health needs.
Health Hype
Gen-Z, millennials, or boomers: Which generation is most honest with their doctors?
(Find the answer at the end of this email)
health stories you need
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Health Hype Answer
Gen-Z, millennials, or boomers: Which generation is most honest with their doctors?
The doctor called. They said you're all liars. Just kidding … but not really. A new study among 1,000 participants found that most people (77%) lie to their doctor. Out of all three generations, baby boomers (69%) are more likely to tell the truth to their doc. The biggest fibbers are Gen-Zers, with 93% reporting they are untruthful at the doctor's office.

The different generations lie about different things, too. Gen-Zers lie about their sex lives, millennials lie about exercise habits, Gen-Xers lie about alcohol consumption, and boomers lie about their diets. Why? Plenty of reasons –– fear of judgment, embarrassment, shame, and denial are some. Our pro tip: Quit fibbing. Your lies might be standing in the way of you receiving better care.

Want to learn more about the study's findings? Click here to read our new article.
Thanks for reading! After this work day ends, I'm definitely going to eat breakfast for dinner and look into getting acupuncture again (if my insurance plan allows it). I love my job. I learn so much. I hope you learn a lot reading these stories, too! See you on Wednesday.
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