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Florence Pugh delivers a stellar performance in her haunting new period drama

Narrowly escaping unscathed by all of the Don't Worry Darling drama, this month everyone's favourite Aperol Spritz fan Florence Pugh quietly gives one of the best performances of the year in The Wonder. Adapted from Emma Donoghue's 2016 novel and set against the backdrop of post-Great Famine Ireland in 1862, she plays English nurse Lib Wright who is summoned to a secluded village to observe a bizarre local phenomenon: a 11-year-old girl who has not eaten in four months. Miracle or hoax? Scientific anomaly or a biblical sign? These are the questions that Lib must grapple with as she struggles to comprehend the strange inhabitants and questionable beliefs of the unwelcoming community. 

"The Wonder is far from your typical period drama, with fourth-wall breaks and an unusual framing device that makes you question what you're actually witnessing," says Stylist contributor Jessica Cullen. "It's an interesting approach that presents a simple tale as something more introspective. But even if you stripped that element away, it would still be a haunting piece of work that channels Pugh's most reflective and precise performance of her career to date. The film is transcendental in essence, backed by stunningly desolate visuals and a sinister score, all of which almost pushes it into horror territory – don't be surprised if its 12 nominations at the British Independent Film Awards are just the beginning." In cinemas and on Netflix now

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Gifting season is fast approaching and John Lewis has something for everyone on your list, from your baking-obsessed friend to your fashion-forward cousin…
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John Lewis / £47.20
Leopard Print Midi Dress
Make your favourite fashionista's day and gift them this versatile midi with puff sleeves and a flattering curved underbust seam
Estella Bartlett / £24
Rainbow Circle Stud Earrings
Help your loved ones sparkle in style this Christmas in these stud earrings with a colourful twist
Stackers / £25
Blush Headphone Stand
Know someone who's prone to sitting on (and breaking) their beloved headphones? This stand is the saviour they need
John Lewis / £31.20
Floral Print Cotton Pyjama Set
Cosy enough for lounging, smart enough for a Zoom call, this brushed cotton pyjama set is every homebody's dream
John Lewis / £25
Gold glass cake stand
Got a master baker in your life? Treat them to this hand-painted cake stand and let them show off their culinary creations
Craft & Crumb / £26
Ultimate Cookie Creator Kit
Delight your dearest foodie with this eco-friendly and delicious cookie kit for a taste of the ultimate festive indulgence

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You're Going To Love: Lana & Raye
In the latest of our series focusing on up-and-coming independent brands with women and non-binary founders, allow us to introduce you to Lana & Raye

What is it? Launched in June, Lana & Raye is a vegan haircare brand specially created to nourish curly, coily and kinky textures. 

Who's behind it? Integrated advertising producer Sharma Charles, who came up with the idea after struggling to find clean, gentle products to suit the needs of her and her daughters' hair textures – with the name itself inspired by their names, Raye and Alana.

Why you'll love it: "One wash day with Lana & Raye products felt like taking my hair to a wellness retreat," says Stylist's features editor Meena Alexander. If that's not enough of an endorsement, we don't know what is – especially when it comes to silicone and sulphate-free plant-powered haircare. "We focus on combining superfood extracts with rich oils and butters," Sharma tells Stylist Loves. "Our products feature active minerals and extracts like kale, quinoa, Irish moss and sea buckthorn to deliver extra love to dry, damaged hair, while also maintaining healthy, nourished hair." The range consists of the Tropics Deep Conditioner (£18), Seed & Berry Hair and Scalp Oil (£16) and Super Greens Leave-in Conditioner (£17) – which happens to be both Sharma and Meena's favourite. As Meena says, "After years of being pretty hard on my hair, constantly applying heat and manipulating it into tight styles, these are exactly the kind, gentle and nourishing products I want right now." From £16, lanaandraye.com

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