A Closer Look at the LomoApparat

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Close, Creative and Carefree with the LomoApparat 21 mm Film Camera System
Close, Creative and Carefree with the LomoApparat 21 mm Film Camera System
The LomoApparat has a 0.5 m close focusing distance but for the times when that just doesn't quite cut the mustard, slide on the close-up lens attachment and get as close as 0.2 m to your subject! Whether you're hanging out with friends, traveling to far-off lands or just trying to make your commute more exciting – read on for some of our top close-up photography tips to get the most out of your analogue adventure with the LomoApparat!
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Close, Closer, The Closest
Combine your close-up snaps with multiple exposure mode and let yourself be mesmerized by the awesome analogue aesthetic – what can you uncover in the analogue world!?
Close, Closer, The Closest
Zoom in on some beautiful faces – your friends, family, pets – get right up close and press the shutter, hopefully catching them by surprise for some silly snaps!
Close, Closer, The Closest
The LomoApparat lens is not only a close-up lens but a wide angle too. Try unusual angles to get a new perspective on this crazy thing we call life with super-close subjects and brilliantly-busy backgrounds!
Close, Closer, The Closest
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"The close-up, wide-angle lens brings a novel and exaggerated perspective to the scene, which is a brand-new visual experience for photographers."
Xiayan Song
"I will take this point & shoot camera everywhere as there are not many other wide point & shoot cameras equipped with flash and a close-up lens on the market!"
An Everyday Experimental Film Friend
An Everyday Experimental Film Friend
In a classic black design or exclusive Neubau edition dressed in real Italian leather with bright turquoise trim, the LomoApparat takes authentically analogue photos and lets you experiment with creative shooting modes wherever you may be. For Lomographers in the EU and US, if you can't wait to get your hands on your very own LomoApparat or think it would make a great gift for a film-loving friend, select express shipping at the checkout to get your order before December 24th!
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