IDFA and the Oscars; 'Ninxs' Wins Forum Award; the Making of 'Wildcat'

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No. 2 | Nov 16, 2022

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How IDFA Became a Pivotal Pit Stop on the Oscar Campaign Circuit

Many AMPAS international doc branch members travel to IDFA to screen docus vying for Oscar recognition.

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'Matter Out of Place' Looks at How We Dispose of Our Trash

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'Cinema Has a Fascination With Sexist Violence': Why Stuntwomen Are Often Cast as Victims

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How Ugandan Musician Bobi Wine Fights Tyranny With Love

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'In Viaggio' Review: Gianfranco Rosi Follows Pope Francis Around the World, But Keeps His Distance

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'Much Ado About Dying' Review: The Challenges of Eldercare Laid Bare in a Candid, Close-to-the-Bone Doc

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'Apolonia, Apolonia' Review: An Artist Loses and Finds Herself in a Quest for Validation

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'A Compassionate Spy' Review: A Gripping Biography of a Manhattan Project Outlier

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'Nothing Compares' Review: Looking Back at the Beautiful Fury of Sinéad O'Connor

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