New Greek Wave Finds Success; Fatih Akin on 'Rhinegold'; Agora Looks to Future

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Thessaloniki International Film Festival

No. 1 | Nov 7, 2022

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How a New Generation of Greek Filmmakers Rode Out the Crisis and Found International Success

A new generation of Greek filmmakers is emerging from the dark years of economic crisis and setting its sights on international success.

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'Silence 6-9' Review: An Enigmatic, Allegorical, Slow-Burn Romance That Wonders If Love Can Live in Limbo

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'Godland' Review: Almighty Iceland Puts a Weak Danish Priest's Faith to the Test

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'The Listener' Review: Tessa Thompson Speaks to the Sleepless as the Audience Dozes Off

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'Blue Jean' Review: A Lesbian Teacher Faces (and Perpetuates) Systemic Homophobia in a Quietly Searing British Debut

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'Butterfly Vision' Review: A Harrowing Ukrainian War Drama Arrives With Troubling Timing

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