What Does Musk's Twitter Mean for Brands?; Disney Streaming Losses Weigh Down Stock; Meta's Mass Layoff

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November 10, 2022

What Does Twitter Mean for Brands Under Elon Musk's Rule?

Digital marketing experts weigh in on flurry of changes by the social network's volatile new owner.

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Musk Kills Twitter Rollout of 'Official' Account Labels, Says Subscription-Only Blue Check-Mark Will Be 'The Great Leveler'

It's another day at Elon Musk's Twitter -- and with it, another swift change in plans.

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Disney Ekes Out Slim Profit as Streaming Losses Grow

Disney's continued investment in streaming limited its fourth-quarter profit

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Disney Stock Slumps to Two-Year-Plus Low on Earnings Miss, Weak Profit Outlook on High Streaming Losses Into 2023

Shares of Disney fell to their lowest levels in more than two years after quarterly results missed expectations and the company said profit …

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Meta to Lay Off 11,000 Staffers, Cutting Workforce by 13%, Reduces Perks

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told Meta staff the company is laying off 11,000 people and "reducing perks."

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For Netflix, Sports Rights Isn't a Matter of If, but When

New VIP+ Analysis: Now that advertising is baked into Netflix, live sports is simply the next logical step in the streamer's evolution.

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Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw to Launch First Horror Audio Series on Spotify: 'I Wanted Us to Make the Scariest Podcast of All Time' (EXCLUSIVE)

Jordan Peele, the filmmaker behind hit thrillers "Get Out," "Us" and "Nope," is taking his penchant for horror stories to his first audio-on …

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Mark Cuban Slams Elon Musk: Letting Anyone Get Verified 'Killed the Most Valuable Part of Twitter'

Mark Cuban says Elon Musk's verification plan, which allows anyone to purchase a blue check mark, 'killed the most valuable part of Twitter. …

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Steven Spielberg: Streamers Like HBO Max 'Threw My Best Filmmaker Friends Under the Bus'

Steven Spielberg says directors have been "thrown under the bus" by streaming platforms debuting films online and not in movie theaters.

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YouTube Music and Premium Soar to 80 Million-Plus Paid Subscribers (EXCLUSIVE)

YouTube’s Music and Premium services now have more than 80 million paying subscribers combined — a whopping 30 million increase …

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YouTube Shorts Launching on TVs

YouTube's short-form, TikTok-style video feature gets an "optimized" experience for the living room.

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Amazon's Silence on 'The Rings of Power' Audience Size Is Deafening

New VIP+ Analysis: We still have no real idea how many people are watching Prime Video's "Lord of the Rings" series. Amazon should fix that.

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Amagi Announces $100 Million-Plus Investment Round to Expand Streaming Infrastructure Business

Streaming-infrastructure provider Amagi said it raised more than $100 million in funding from private-equity firm General Atlantic.

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Why Sony Isn't Putting 'God of War' and Other New Exclusives on PlayStation Plus

New VIP+ Analysis: The gaming subscription service is bleeding customers, but strengthening value there could hurt other key growth areas.



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