White Lotus Conundrum; Sigourney Weaver Remembers Roe; What Levon Helm Has to Do With The Peripheral

One of the biggest mysteries of The White Lotus Season 2; Call Jane star Sigourney Weaver looks back on Roe v. Wade; What The Band’s late drummer and singer Levon Helm has to do with Amazon’s sci-fi series The Peripheral.

We’ve Returned: After taking a short hiatus from the Rundown in order to travel to amazing places like Austin, Texas for the Austin Film Festival and Provo, Utah for FilmQuest. Now we’re back and ready to give you the day’s most interesting movie news.

Jack Reynor Loves Levon Helm: Midsommar star Jack Reynor is a big fan of The Band drummer and vocalist Levon Helm — so much so that the late rock and roller influenced his portrayal of Burton Fisher in Amazon’s new sci-fi series The Peripheral based on the book by William Gibson. “I thought about the cultural context of Burton, and Levon Helm from The Band kept popping into my head,” Reynor told MovieMaker. “I’m a big fan of The Band, and particularly Levon."

Sigourney Weaver Remembers: "I remember what it was like before Roe vs. Wade was passed," Weaver, who stars in the abortion drama Call Jane, told MovieMaker. “The idea that we’re back there again is honestly — it’s completely unthinkable to me, what’s happened. Over 51% of the population now has no agency over their bodies.” Call Jane is now in theaters. Read more of our interview with Sigourney Weaver and Call Jane director Phyllis Nagy here.

White Lotus Mystery: Look no further than right here for a deep dive into why Greg is different this season. “You would think that Greg, who has seemingly been given a miraculous second chance at life, would be more upbeat and charming than ever, right? But no,” writes MovieMaker’s Julia Coccaro.

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