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This issue is about the Three Stooges, media that was surprisingly inspired by real life, 'SNL' Hall of Shame moments, and much more.

How the World Came to Believe That the Three Stooges Were on Hitler's Death List

Adolph Hitler's infamous "Death List" wasn't without star power. Included among it was Winston Churchill, Franklin RooseveltH.G. Wells, Virginia Woolf, and at least according to sources like Mental Floss and Empire, Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine, aka The Three Stooges

The oft-repeated story says that, because of the 1940 short You Nazty Spy! — where Moe dressed as Hitler and the Nazis were lampooned — Hitler placed The Three Stooges on his list of high-profile targets. In reality, it seems that the rumor was the product of a rather notorious supermarket tabloid. But that doesn't mean You Nazty Spy! wasn't a brave, landmark piece of satire that was surprisingly layered for the proudly lowbrow Sultans of Slapstick.


Comedies That Were Inspired By Depressing Real-Life Stories

If the 10,000 Transformers sequels didn't tip you off, coming up with fresh new movie ideas can be a pretty tough job. So, occasionally, Hollywood screenwriters have taken inspiration from/cheated off of real-world events. Oddly, it turns out that some flat-out comedies began as true stories that really weren't funny at all. 

Thanks to a little movie magic, these depressing incidents were transformed into comedic gold, to the enjoyment of audiences everywhere who didn't bother to Google the grisly details after the credits rolled.


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