15 Movies That Spent a Fortune Just to Bomb Miserably

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This issue is about 'Futurama,' Tony Hawk's funniest tweets, sitcom characters whose personalities changed, and big movies that bombed.

Everything About Kelsey Grammer's Sketch Show Was Pretty Great Except for Kelsey Grammer

It still feels like a half-remembered fever dream. Back in 2005, Kelsey Grammer produced a half-hour primetime sketch comedy series for the Fox network, bafflingly titled Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show — because who better to headline a hip new sketch show than a middle-aged actor best known for playing Frasier Crane in roughly 500 shows that in no way involved sketch comedy? Seemingly, his only sketch-related experience was the time he hosted SNL and crooned about "gonads."


Best One-Off 'Futurama' Characters

Futurama is known for its memorable characters, like the one with the orange hair, the one who's like Homer Simpson if he was a mean robot, the one who's like Homer Simpson if he was a dumb crab and so many others. But even outside of the protagonists and the galaxy-sized supporting cast, Futurama's future is populated by hilarious characters who we only got to see, like, once... 


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15 Movies That Spent a Fortune Just to Bomb Miserably

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