Biophilic design humanizes infrastructure : BC FOCUS

Biophilic design humanizes infrastructure : BC FOCUS
British Columbia FOCUS in brief
Here are the highlights of the recent issue of BC FOCUS
CAGBC Upcoming Events & Workshops
CAGBC Awards celebrate Canadian green building innovators
Earlier this year, the Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) unveiled the 2022 winners of the CAGBC Awards at the Building Lasting Change conference Gala. The annual awards celebrate innovative projects, teams and individuals that have made positive contributions to Canada's green building sector. Awards are given in two categories: Green Building Excellence for Canada's most efficient, effective, and impactful buildings and Green Building Leadership, for individuals or teams contributing to the success of Canada's green building industry. Among the winners was Vancouver's Bentall Centre, which took the prize for Existing Building Operations (photo above).
Over 200 projects aim for zero carbon: Registered projects double in number
Momentum is growing for net-zero buildings as registrations for the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) standards doubled in less than six months. Developed by the Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC), the ZCB standards offer industry a credible framework to achieve zero-carbon buildings. Established in 2017, the ZCB program has certified over 57 buildings with over 218 registered under the standards – more than double the registered projects in June 2022. In Decarbonizing Canada's Large Buildings, CAGBC put the spotlight on existing buildings – the most significant challenge to decarbonize by 2050. A building might only execute improvements to the envelop once in its lifetime – so it is imperative that when that opportunity comes, carbon reductions are front and centre. Read the article.
Clayton Water Reservoir: With biophilic design massive infrastructure contributes to urban life
By Matthew Woodruff, founding co-principal at Local Practice Architecture + Design Ltd.
The design goal of the Clayton Reservoir, located in Surrey, was to humanize the large structure and integrate it with the adjacent community park. The walls become a sculptural backdrop for the park, with ever-changing shadow patterns created by the precast concrete cladding. The reservoir was relocated by the design team to contribute purposely to the urban design of its context by framing a large public space. The substantial size and simple shape of the reservoir were driven by the hydraulic and functional demands, as well as convenience, safety, and affordability. Read the article. 

Vancouver Convention Centre: West building maintains LEED double platinum
The Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) was the first convention centre in the world to achieve double LEED® Platinum – the first for Building and Construction (2009; for the lifetime of the building) and the second for Building Operations and Maintenance (2017; renewal in 2022) of the West building. The VCC's LEED Existing Building Operations and Management recertification of the West building focused on conservation, biodiversity and waste management as a strategy for achieving its sustainability goals. The vegetated roof conserves energy by reducing heat gains in the summer by approximately 96 percent and heat losses for the winter months by 26 percent. The Black Water Treatment Plant processes wastewater to render it reusable for non-potable applications, such as in washrooms and to irrigate the living roof. This reduces reliance on domestic fresh water by approximately 70 percent. Read the article.
The Shipyards: Redevelopment preserves industrial history while creating a new public amenity
By Joost Bakker, partner at DIALOG
Located in North Vancouver, The Shipyards is a world-class mixed-use development with an unparalleled public realm. Inspired by the site's World War I and II shipbuilding history, the reimagined Machine Shop, known as "Shipyard Commons", is the centerpiece of the design. 
The Shipyards connects directly into the Lonsdale Energy Corporation's heating and cooling system. Heating and cooling requirements are reduced through Energy Recovery Ventilation, and a surrounding secant wall allows the separation of ground water from seawater infiltration. Westform Metals in Chilliwack supplied WF-7/8" Corrugated SMP Stone Grey cladding for the walls, and WF-7/8" Corrugated Custom SMP Deep Rose roofing.
Wii Gyemsiga Siwilaawksat Student Housing: Meeting Step Code 4 energy efficiency while embracing First Nations culture
By Karen Marler, principal-in-charge and Aiden Callison, project architect at hcma

The Wii Gyemsiga Siwilaawksat Student Housing replaces four aging buildings at Coast Mountain College's Terrace, BC campus. The new modular mass timber hybrid building was delivered under a fast-tracked design-build model. Structural, insulated wood/metal panels used for the floors and roofs of the modules required improvements to air, vapour and moisture control detailing to reduce thermal bridging system. The exterior steel cladding by Westform Metals is low gloss black in profiles WF-HF-12, WF-636, and Prolok 12, which mimics Tsimshian weaving patterns in a closed joint steel rainscreen system which visually unifies the two student housing wings with the central atrium. The hot water system uses Rinnai Demand Duo 2 hybrid water heaters that are commercial ENERGY STAR® certified with 97% thermal efficiency, saving up to 40% more energy than traditional systems. Read the article.
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