Enter the Willie Zone; Female Directors Left Out; Scream Without Neve Campbell

In today's Movie News Rundown: A new doc is designed to feel like a freewheeling conversation with Willie Nelson; the Oscar best director nominees are all dudes again; Scream creator Kevin Williamson says what's good and bad about making the first Scream without Neve Campbell.

Willie World: Wille Nelson & the Family, which just debuted at Sundance, doesn't exactly follow a tight narrative. The film's directors tell Daniel Joyaux that it's very much intentional — because Willie Nelson himself never follows a tight narrative.

Sick and Scream: In a conversation with writer-producer Kevin Williamson about his new COVID slasher movie Sick, Josh Encinias asked Williamson about making Scream VI, the first Scream film that reportedly will not feature Neve Campbell. "It’s sad, of course I wish she was a part of it," Williamson says. "But one of the things of not having to service your legacy character, is in this one we can really focus on the new characters." He also talks about the new Halloween franchise, and why he thinks horror is a uniquely gay-skewing genre.

No Female Directors: As The Hollywood Reporter's Beatrice Verhoeven noted yesterday, the Oscar nominations for Best Director again included no female directors. It was a surprise to people who were rooting for The Woman King‘s Gina Prince-Bythewood, Women Talking‘s Sarah Polley, Till‘s Chinonye Chukwu, She Said‘s Maria Schrader and Aftersun's Charlotte Wells. The biggest snub has to be Polley, given that Women Talking was nominated for Best Picture. (It's another of those magical films that direct themselves.) Polley was at least nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

The Numbers: The number of women-led films that Oscar voters could potentially nominate is small because fewer female directors get the chance...

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