Is Kevin McCarthy Just Dim?

In these times of division and strife, I think we can all come together and agree that what's happening to Kevin McCarthy is funny. Mike Pence will always be the Sunk Cost King around these parts, but the aspiring speaker of the House is at least an archduke of the realm. On this, the second anniversary of January 6, it's helpful to remember that McCarthy initially responded to that attempt to overthrow the government with forthright condemnation. It took just weeks for him to come to Donald Trump's heel, however, and a similar dynamic is now playing out with the extreme right in the House Republican caucus—a group which consists, by and large, of some of the prime supporters of Trump's attempted autogolpe. McCarthy has taken out a mortgage on his dignity in his lust for power. But he's given away the power. Call it 'lust for title.'


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