Is your urine yellow? Orange? Green?

What the color of your urine means for your health
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 Zero-Hassle Returns

Ever noticed changes in the color or smell of your urine…
And wondered what it might mean?
You're not alone.
And – These changes can be early indicators that something's not quite right.
That's why knowing what to look (and smell) for can be crucial.
What The Color And Odor Of Your Urine Means For Your Health
Is your urine pale yellow?
Great news! You're well hydrated and everything's normal.
If it's a darker yellow or amber, you definitely need to drink more water.
And if it's really dark yellow, orange or even brown?
This could point to trouble with your liver or kidneys… so get that checked out ASAP.
Is your urine red or pink?
This could be thanks to the beets or berries you just ate…
However – If you can't link the food you're eating to your pee, it may be a sign of a UTI.
Urine that's blue or green might sound a little sci-fi, but…
It can sometimes happen thanks to food dyes or medications…
Or it could be a sign of a urinary tract concern caused by certain bad bacteria.
What about smelly urine? Is that serious?
Diet changes can certainly affect the smell of your pee.
Foods like asparagus, garlic and coffee are known to give your pee an intense odor…
And just being dehydrated can make your pee smell strong.
While these aren't really reasons for concern, if the strange smell persists…
Make Sure To Watch Out For These Other "Pee Warnings"
Ever felt like you're peeing knives?
Or has it ever seemed like you had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes...
And when you finally did manage to go, there was only a trickle?
These are clear red flags from your body that something is off...
And more often than not, these signs point to a bad bacteria invasion in your urinary tract.
In fact, a whopping 90% of urinary health pain and problems can be traced back to bad bacteria.
But did you know?
With the right approach, you can sidestep a lot of discomfort.
Common "solutions" like gulping loads of cranberry juice, peeing after sex, and wearing cotton underwear can help…
But for next level care…
You want something that's clinically proven to PROACTIVELY address the bad bacteria.
That's why I created UT123.
It features a trio of botanicals that quickly keep harmful bacteria from sticking to your urinary tract…
And if they can't stick, they can't stick around.
Plus, just one serving a day gives you 24 hours of support…
Helping you feel confident, protected, and in control of your urinary health.
Learn More About UT123 Here
With gratitude,
Tina Anderson
Just Thrive | Founder
P.S. Urinary pain affects over 150 million people every year… And even if your pee looks and smells fine right now… Urinary problems can pop out of nowhere and totally ruin your day (or week).
So to nourish your UT and stay healthy, comfortable, and confident…
vitamin k2-7 plus d3
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