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Reinhabiting Isleville: Reno preserves buildings for a new century of life
By David Gallaugher, architect with Solterre Design
The Isleville Reinhabitation project sets a precedent for mid-density, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods in Halifax through the renovation of three buildings. Designed with the neighbourhood scale in mind, the project revives two 100-year-old derelict houses and a crumbling 50-year old commercial strip mall into a showcase for environmentally-sensitive architecture and renovation in a tight urban setting. Each building underwent an ambitious energy retrofit to reduce energy use dramatically. Open joint 2x10 hemlock planks supplied by Highland Forest Products on the commercial street façade provide warmth and texture where people interact with the building. Truefoam expanded polystyrene (EPS) exterior foam board insulation helps to improve the thermal performance of the envelope. The wood exterior was finished with LifeTime Wood treatment by Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd.  Read the article ...

Two Rocks House: Energy performance and sensory delight make a home for the long term
By Judyann Obersi and Lorrie Rand, principals at Habit Studio
Two Rocks is a 4,500+ square-foot Net-Zero Passive House that stands at the edge of a forest, overlooking Nova Scotia's Gaspereau Valley and the Minas Basin. The homeowners wanted a home built with environmental responsibility as a top priority. Aesthetically, the goal was to create a distinctive, modern home that felt warm, comfortable - all beautifully executed by Bentley Built Homes. The wood exterior was finished with LifeTime Wood treatment by Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd., with Premier Metals supplying the standing seam 24-gauge steel roof. Triple-pane Passive House windows supplied by VETTA Building Technologies Inc. help to maintain the envelope performance. The superior building envelope extends to the foundation with Truefoam EPS type 2 sub slab (R34) under foundation floor slab, and its EPS insulation board next to the concrete foundation wall. Mini-split heat pumps by Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada help to reduce energy demand. Read the article ...

Parkland at the Gardens: Improved energy performance and comfort through Artificial Intelligence
Parkland at the Gardens by Shannex is a lively community for older adults in Halifax which offers All-Inclusive to Supportive care options. Shannex learned about Ecopilot®'s technology while searching for a system that delivers always-on support to provide residents and team members with consistently comfortable temperatures, without manual intervention. Ecopilot® considers the building's natural ability to store energy, factors in upcoming weather, and collects a suite of other data that impacts internal temperature. It will then predict the real need for long term heating and cooling and offset centralized HVAC systems. Ecopilot®'s AI automatically fine-tunes systems every two minutes, ensuring comfort is maintained and using only the required paid energy to do so. Read the article ...

See the complete articles in the full digital version of Atlantic FOCUS.
LEED and ZCB: Delivering on ESG ambitions through certification
By Mark Hutchinson, VP of Green Building & Innovation, Canada Green Building Council
Increasingly, building owners and managers incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria into their investment decisions in recognition of the potential for capital appreciation. Beyond the investor's viewpoint, a comprehensive sustainability strategy can also benefit occupants and the community by creating welcoming spaces that are healthier and minimize environmental impacts. Carbon is a cornerstone of ESG. The Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) standards offer a comprehensive and rigorous approach to reducing both operational carbon from energy use and embodied carbon from building materials. The latest LEED rating systems for design and operations also evaluate operational and embodied carbon, rewarding different levels of performance. Photos: Local 144 – Plumbers' Union Head Office and Training Facility and Roam Transit Operations and Training Centre. Read the article ...
Over 200 projects aim for zero carbon: Registered projects double in number
Momentum is growing for net-zero buildings as registrations for the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) standards doubled in less than six months. Developed by the Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC), the ZCB standards offer industry a credible framework to achieve zero-carbon buildings. Established in 2017, the ZCB program has certified over 57 buildings with over 218 registered under the standards – more than double the registered projects in June 2022. In Decarbonizing Canada's Large Buildings, CAGBC put the spotlight on existing buildings – the most significant challenge to decarbonize by 2050. A building might only execute improvements to the envelop once in its lifetime – so it is imperative that when that opportunity comes, carbon reductions are front and centre. Read the article ...
Biophilic Design: Advancing our physical and mental well-being
By Heather Dubbeldam, principal of Dubbeldam Architecture + Design
While corporations have often looked at the office as a real estate transaction, fitting as many people as possible into a space, they are now looking at the workplace from a relationship perspective. As employees return to the office, employers will need to create workplaces that are seen as both safe and enjoyable. Businesses at the forefront of workplace design are investing in biophilic design to improve employee well-being and productivity, and to attract and retain the best staff. Read the article ...

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