Times ‘South Park’ Actually Admitted It Got Things Wrong

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This issue is about Kevin Sorbo, times 'South Park' admittedly got stuff wrong, horny quotes from wholesome folks, and some trivia.

The Filthiest and Most Sinful Kevin Sorbo Moments from His Non-Christian Films

If, like most people, you haven't seen, heard or thought about Hercules: The Legendary Journeys actor Kevin Sorbo since the previous century, then you're unaware that he's now best known for starring in hilariously preachy Christian movies and being a crusader for conservative values on Twitter, where he's also pretty chummy with other wholesome right-wing personalities like, uh, accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate. Sorbo is constantly outraged (or whatever the manly, non-liberal version of "outraged" is) about the depravity of the entertainment industry and the immoral filth it produces. 

Unfortunately, some of that filth happen to star K-Sorbs himself, leading to moments like... 


5 Criminals Caught on Camera in Most Unlikely Ways

Nowadays, cameras surround us. Try climbing the ivy into the vicarage to drop strychnine into someone's coffee, and you can count on some passerby capturing you with their phone, taking all the fun out of your plot. 

So, if we just told you, "We rounded up some crimes where cops had footage of the perp," that wouldn't be a big deal. But we promise, the following tales are a lot weirder than that. They're also — warning — pretty disturbing, so gird yourself accordingly. 


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Times 'South Park' Actually Admitted It Got Things Wrong

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