Wild Cinema; M3gan Matters; Scorsese Loves TÁR; Predicting Glass Onion

In today's Movie News Rundown: M3gan may be a sign of good things to come; Martin Scorsese loved sinking in TÁR; how Glass Onion is both easy and impossible to predict. Plus: WILD CINEMA.

Out Today: M3gan, a killer robot doll movie we have many, many thoughts about that can't be contained in one email.

Let’s Talk Glass Onion: On the latest Low Key podcast, we talk about how I knew way back on September 8, long before I saw Glass Onion, who the killer is. It’s incredibly obvious really. You can listen on Apple or wherever you get your podcasts or here.


Scorsese on TÁR: Martin Scorsese had high praise for Todd Fields' (excellent) TÁR, Fields' first film in 16 years and third film overall, at the New York Film Critics Circle awards. “For so long now, so many of us see films that pretty much let us know where they’re going. I mean, they take us by the hand, and even if it’s disturbing at times, sort of comfort us along the way that it will be all OK by the end,” Scorsese said. “Now this is insidious, as one can get lulled into this, and ultimately get used to it. Leading those of us who’ve experienced cinema in the past — as much more than that— to become despairing of the future of the art form, especially for younger generations. ... But that’s on dark days. The clouds lifted when I experienced Todd’s film, TÁR. What you’ve done, Todd, is that the very fabric of the movie you created doesn’t allow this. All the aspects of cinema and the film that you’ve used, attest to this. The shift in locations, for example, the shift in locations alone do what cinema does best, which is to reduce space and time to what they are, which is nothing."

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