Absurd Trivia Tidbits That Have Us Checking Our Carbon Monoxide Detector

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This issue is about 'The Big Lebowski,' trivia roundups, Lucille Ball's flight etiquette, deepfakes, the collateral damage of a Wanda Sykes joke, and more.

Meet the (Other) Dude Who Helped Inspire 'The Big Lebowski'

Peter Exline is very good at telling The Story. He's good at telling stories in general.

"I love stories," he says over lunch on Presidents' Day at a L.A. cafe. "I love storytelling. I think I'm a good storyteller, but I think I also throw in too many details."

The Story is his best tale. It's the one that's partly about his friend Lew Abernathy. "He's a big guy from Texas, 6-foot-4, redhead, bad teeth, heavy. He was actually in Titanic. He's friends with Gale and Jim." He means Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron, the former married couple who also used to be creative partners.


15 Pieces Of Trivia That Jolted Our Consciousness To The 5th Dimension

Ah, procrastinators, Texans, John Candy, vanilla extract, Pulitzer Prizes, farmed salmon, the LAPD, Abe Lincoln, Point Nemo, lost spacecraft, Leonard Cohen, Shirley Temple, teenage assassins, 7-Eleven, marijuana, and Mount Everest. What an eclectic mix of topics! But what do they have in common? They all have fascinating stories behind them that you may not know. 


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